2016 Changes: Anti-Semitism-Israel

Fundamental changes in 2016: Anti-Semitism and Israel

Left and Right wings in France

It appeared for many years that anti-Zionism has become the new form or the new name of anti-Jewish racism also called anti-Semitism. This semantic subterfuge has allowed many so-called humanistic or leftist currents to adhere without problems of conscience to the most conventional anti-Jewish racism; it was enough to claim the difference between Israel and the Jewish people regardless of the heavy responsibility of the human kind on his return to his land. This situation reached a climax when UNESCO denied the link between the Jewish people and its land and therefore also questioned the legitimacy of Christianity from which it was originated.

During that same 2016 figures came emphasize particularly the iniquitous character the UNESCO vote since the majority of the Jewish people is now living in Israel with a population of approximately 6.5 million of Jews still growing as compared to a worldwide population of about 13 million of Jews.

This fundamental demographic change which was very fast as compared to the situation of the Jewish population before WW2 has changed everything. This shows a return to a situation prevailing before the year 135 when most of the Jews were living in Judea. Beyond a conceptual evidence Zionism is now also in numbers part of the anti-Jewish racism. Simultaneously the link between the Jewish people and their land has also become a demographic fact that is indisputable beyond its historical, cultural and religious evidence.

Other references lost recently their meaning as the notion of right and left in France. Left wing has abandoned its ethical driving and has chosen the market as the cornerstone of economics limiting which is no more than a mechanistic system.

Didier BERTIN - 22 May 2016