In Lithuania the Neo-nazis have evident privileges - see the report on Nazi Infiltration. A Neo-Nazi leader is even in charge of the Public Relations of the State-owned GenocideResearch Center, his name is Ricardas Cekutis.

We publish herbelow an interview made by DIENA.lt on 24 April 2011and translated from Lithuanian into English:



Andrejus Žukovskis


Translation from:http://www.diena.lt/naujienos/miestas/svastikos-ant-tauro-kalnotolerantisko-jaunimo-ranku-darbas-347115


Swastikas on Tauro Hill, the Handiwork of Tolerant Youth?


by Andrejus Zukovskis

24 April 2011

In Vilnius the Union of Tolerant Youth and in Kaunas the Jewish community both celebrated Hitler’s 122nd birthday this year. At least, that what Ricardas Cekutis “employed as a Public Relation specialist at the Genocide Research Center “, the head of the Lithuanian Patriotic Center, firmly believes. He thinks it was these organizations, which hoisted flags with Swastikas and painted over walls inscriptions of ”Juden raus”. . The man says: he himself hasn’t sewn any Swastika flags at home but declined to say how he did celebrate Hitler’s birthday.


Threatens to cut off hands 

When he walks through the city Ricardas Cekutis likes to wear a shirt portraying a German soldier looking at Vilnius during World War II. He quickly declares all other expressions of Nazism are provocations of others. He manages to retain self-control while speaking, but has a harder time controlling his own rhetoric, which more resembles threats than the thoughts of a tranquil person. 

I think the Jews themselves organize all these provocations. “The Lithuanian Polish Electoral Action Party, who despises other nationalities, should also be outlawed”, said emotionally the chairman of the Lithuanian Patriotic Center, sitting on a bench next to the Museum of Genocide Victims that doesn’t mention the Holocaust and whose parent organization, Genocide Research Center, employs Cekutis as a senior Public Relations specialist. 

The man, who now calls himself a journalist and sometimes a politician, blames the representatives of ethnic minorities and human rights organizations for escalating the neo-Nazi problem.

He says that he believes that the representatives of the Tolerant Youth organization hoisted the flags with swastikas attempting to discredit the good name of Nationalists and of all nationalist patriotic forces. Cekutis said threateningly that it wouldn’t end well.

He said that we did not only run up those flags s, but we will cut off the hands of those who did this and quickly he explained whose hands should be severed: Tolerasts* hoisted the flags. Do they deny it? They are lying.

*Tolerast is a Neo-Nazi lingo mixing the words Tolerant and Pederast.


Remembers Tutsis but not Jews 

He also called Jews liars and said that they are constantly squabbling and bickering among themselves, make a business out of the Holocaust and are always wailing how they are the targets of complaints. He called these actions by Jews “playing with matches on top of a barrel of gunpowder”.

“The nerves of the citizens might not hold up, and then blood will be spilled”.

After that it will be hard to stop. It is just a matter of the formation of a critical mass. Cekutis threatened that if the government doesn’t do something, the citizens will.

Although it is universally known that the absolute majority of Jews were murdered in Lithuania during World War II (about 200,000 people), Cekutis, who works at the Center for the Study of Genocide and Resistance, wasn’t prepared to grant significance to this fact.

Different ethnic groups suffered, Russians, Lithuanians and Ukrainians. Look at how many Tutsis were murdered in Rwanda. We can’t even calculate how many survived. Not all Jews were murdered in Lithuania, some were left alive. It is important that they were left alive. Isn’t it? But in Estonia all were exterminated,Cekutis noted mysteriously.


 [Note of the Lithuanian Translator: Cekutis on his Facebook page makes openly anti-Semitic statements about excluding Jews from state service in Lithuania while he draws a salary from the State –a State which outlaws such public statements of ethnic and religious hate- for doing a Public Relation work at Center Research of Genocide dedicated to diminishing the importance of the Holocaust and elevating the status of the alleged genocide. under Soviet rule. He also makes public statements against Roma, gays and lesbians and others. He obviously doesn’t believe what he says in this interview about a provocation and is pursuing the tried-and-true Nazi axiom that the public is more likely to believe a big lie than a small one.]

“The nerves of the citizens might not hold up, and then blood will be spilled”.

After that it will be hard to stop. It is just a matter of the formation of a critical mass. Cekutis threatened that if the government doesn’t do something, the citizens will.

Cekutis knoww what he means when he says this; in 1941 the Lithuanians did not hold up their nerves and the Jewish blood was spilled - see picture below: