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Pignede's  Oligarchy and Zionism

Kontre Kulture DVD 97mins

COMMENT BY Didier BERTIN - 26 January 2014

Beatrice Pignede's Oligarchy and Zionism mimics an investigatory documentary film involving "intellectuals" who are to reveal the true identity of the occult powers dominating a disheartened world. Even the sober background music discretely makes room for the intrinsic importance of the revealed "facts." Such facts are stated with the quiet objectivity of scholars--though in this case, the scholars are imposters. 

The central element of this video is of course hatred of Jews and Israel and the conspiratorial plan to takeover the world. Viewers may think that they will finally understand how these forces destroy their personal lives and stifle their dreams. It is an additional divagation to feed anti-Judaism in the manner of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and foster incitement to hatred --a criminal offense in France. 

Oligarchy and Zionism made its debut in 2013 in a Paris theater owned by renowned antisemitic comedian and activist Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala. A discussion of the film was led by Alain Soral, Jacob Cohen and  Beatrice Pignede. They said that no other French theater or art house would run the film though it is currently available online at Youtube and and that the theater of Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala was the last place of freedom of expression. 

Kontre Kulture is the publishing house created by Alain Soral well known in France for his anti-Jewish far rightist activities. With aspirations to the European Parliament, Soral in 2009 created "the anti-Zionist list" whose leaders consisted of himself, Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala and Yahia Gouasmi, President of the Frances's Shiite Federation. (Soral has since acknowledged that the electoral campaign of this list was financed by Iran). Filmmaker Béatrice Pignède credentials begin well and include prior work for the TV channels France 3 and Arte. Her credibility soon plummets with the creation of an independent cinema association named ACID to promote movies in line with her political line.  In 2012 she made a movie criticizing the French Act of 1990 (named loi Gayssot) forbidding all racist, xenophobic and antisemitic acts or contestation of crimes against humanity as defined   by the Nuremberg military tribunal. 

The film's mythomaniacs assertions are highlighted by very professional video editing. Preposterous statements are made by self-loathing Jews --an unfortunate consequence of anti-Judaism for the susceptible and weak minded people. As well, there are declarations by luminaires taken out of context and awfully misused i.e. John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Jacques Attali and Bernard Henri Lévy in order to build forged evidences. 

This video aims to extend or increase the hatred of Jews and Israel to the vulnerable-- those uneducated and ill informed e.g. some people from far right and extreme left wings, from suburban youth and from Muslim community. 

About fifteen peoples were interviewed with four the leading ones: Thierry Meyssan is none other than key conspiracy author --(9/11:The Big Lie, 2003) who blames September 11 on the U.S. military, the industrialists, Gilad Atzmon author  of The Wandering Who, 2011, Alain Soral the aforementioned anti-Zionist and Jacob Cohen also anti-Zionist and Morocco Jewish emigration critic. The remaining interviewees are equally delirious as the mentioned four participants. 

For Thierry Meyssan, Zionism equates to world domination as outlined by 1) Jewish self-appointed "choseness" (devoid of course of Biblical reference and explanation) and 2) oligarchs defined by those who exploit the others considered sub-humans. He said that Zionism has infected Jewish religion and also others such as Islam and Christianity. Another interviewee indicates that Wahhabis and Evangelists are a Zionist creation. Thierry Meyssan adds that Jews are not a race though Jewishness is racist and then they are racist. He said that Zionism manipulates the other religions depriving the innocents of their souls, culture and values. In Meyssan's world, Zionism has made Israel a lawless pirate island devoid of nationalist spirit from where the world domination is organized. He is absolutely convinced as some few other delirious authors that Zionism origins lie with Oliver Cromwell whose spirit of conquest 1) killed the King of England 2) destroy the Irish people and according to him, has inspired 3) the annihilation of Native Americans and 4) massacres made by Afrikaners. Thierry Meyssan thinks that Cromwell was a member of a sect sharing the values of Zionism and that Dutch Jews have financed his wars of conquest. He adds that Jewish Diaspora provided Cromwell with bridgeheads that enabled him to build the British Empire. Thierry Meyssan said also that the UK, U.S. and Israel form one single entity secretly unified by Zionism. We would like to remind that Cromwell did not authorize Jews to live in England.

The vulnerability of Europe's Jews to mass attack, their sequestering to ghettos and Jew quarters, their poverty, their lack of citizenship and subjecting to special laws and taxes, and resulting calls for a nation free of hate aka Zionism is never addressed in the film. Instead, multiple conspiracy theories link Zionism to Freemasonry, Evangelical Christianity (Israeli Shlomo Sand) and Jewish lobbies who dominate Western civilization (Gilad Atzmon, Aalin Soral). 

Alain Soral, attests that Zionism recruits Kapo-like mediocre individuals in order to increase its power and give no hope to bright people. Social promotion involves the acceptation of  rites of submission to Zionism. He though that Zionists force the pope Benedict XVI to resign.For him Israel is the showcase of the power and arrogance of Rothschild family. He accused the CRIF to be the Sanhedrin who "according to him" killed the Christ. 

Jacob Cohen's paranoid accuses Israel to have committed a crime in forcing the Jews of Morocco to emigrate and pretends to ignore that they were forced to flee under the threat of the Muslim population. He said that Mossad has dormant agents everywhere that he calls "Sayanim" and may command a war when needed. He said that all Zionist Jews are Sayanim i.e. all Jews are potential Sayanim i.e. dangerous people and he consequently endangers the life of Jews of Diaspora. 

Other interviewees said that the West's Zionist's control of Israel or that Israel control the US.  They think that the visit of Western heads of states in Yad Vashem (Holocaust Memorial) is a secret ceremony of their coronation because they were elected in their country with the support of Zionist authority and the video show the picture of each of them and the viewers may think that they now understand the real meaning of things. 

Members of pro-Islam Neturei Karta were also interviewed censing the Arab world for the security it always offered to Jews neglecting 1,400 years of submission i.e. "dhimmitude", attacks and murders in Jewish communities and expulsions from Arab lands.             


The participant's comments in the film Oligarchy and Zionism may well constitute a punishable offence in France as such statements incite hate and border on calls for action. Special video editing affords the impression that viewers are watching a documentary film and nothing could be further from the truth. Truth however is not what Pignede had in mind. False and invented references sell as do the notion that someone is threatening all that is good. The participants are ignorant or suffer psychological disorders. 

Nazi propagandists understood the psychological principles involved-- one merely has to lie and repeat the lie and the more it is repeated, the more likely it is to be believed. The above comments are distributed over 97 minutes and constitute nothing less than anti-Jewish propaganda. This is a dangerous video which if transmitted en masse would likely generate civil disorder-- creating more misery for an already vulnerable and weary group.