Chosen People

Chosen people, Conception, Reality and anti-Semitism

Didier Bertin - March 24, 2016 – English translation April 26, 2016

1- Atheist and psychical analysis of a religious concept and anti-Semitism

The atheist vision is the only way that makes possible an analysis of this phenomenon since the religious view appealed to faith that cannot be discussed and should be accepted as it is.

Hebrew people created his own religion and thus naturally and logically were the chosen people by a God created or discovered by them following a current of ideas determined by and for them. The access to this creation or discovery is particularly hermetic for the other peoples since it involves the acceptance of an infinite and intangible entity or God challenging then the limits of the human brain capacity of apprehension and requiring a high level of transcendence.

Private initiatives were vainly taken to extend this Hebrew creation or discovery to some other peoples who were not prepared to such a challenge. This has thus involved adjustments tailored for these peoples by introducing anthropomorphism disfiguring the requested intangibility and infinity concepts and weakening or eliminating the requested transcendental challenges.

These new nations became thus followers of a sort of totally disfigured Judaism and consequently were not able to understand the concept of chosen people brought out of context. Then they also wanted to be a chosen people of God but surprisingly not of their gods but of the God of Hebrews. They put thus them in competition with the Jewish people as considered as arrogant without considering the arrogance of their target. The Jewish people naturally and logically considered to be the chosen people of their own God in the frame of a  religion created or discovered for them and did not invite anyone to follow them (Judaism being not only a religion but also forming a Nation).

One may wonder why these jealous peoples have not created simultaneously with their own religions, their own gods who would have chosen them as their peoples. It seems that despite they were able to disfigure the Judaism they were also lacking of confidence to create their own gods and considered that the God of Hebrews was the sole sufficiently valid to give them legitimacy in the race to be the chosen people even if they were far away from Judaism.

This lack of confidence opens the door to their instinct of domination and to the initial anti-Semitism.

 2- Analysis of the humanitarian and universal contribution of the Jewish people finally also chosen by the other peoples and anti-Semitism

In order to give a simple and concrete example of the Jewish contribution to the human evolution we have taken into consideration Nobel Prizes distribution from 1901 to 2013. Other examples could have been taken but this one is generally well accepted in the world.

According to the Jewish Tribune (France) of October 2013, 193 of the 871 Nobel Prizes have honored people of Jewish origin i.e. 22% of the Nobel Prizes while the Jews repesent only 0.2% of the world population.

Deducting the Nobel Peace Prize often awarded to politicians in the light of temporary circumstances, it exists 769 Nobel covering science and literature out of which 184 have honored people of Jewish origin i.e. 24% of the Nobel Prizes meaning that 585 Nobel Prizes were obtained by representatives of all other nations.

In order to measure the importance of the Jewish contribution to Nobel Prizes (limited to Sciences and Literature) as compared to other nations the proportion of 24% must be corrected to take into account the very small Jewish population in the world (0.2%). If the Jewish population was equal to the other nations it will have provided theoretically 92 000 Nobel Prizes i.e. 157 times more than those obtained by the representatives of all other nations. This contribution of the Jewish people to the progress of sciences and literature for humanity is totally out of proportion as compared to the other nations and we may refer in such conditions to a conception of chosen people if not by God at least by human population.

However this very contributive position to the advancement of knowledge of the world is yet paradoxically another incentive for anti-Semitism derived from the dark part of human being that is to say on jealousy, envy, mediocrity and violence.

A French statesman seemed to have expressed a hostile resentment regarding Jews by talking about "Elite people, sure of him and domineering”. We can see through the Nobel Prizes that the contribution of people of Jewish origin covers the following areas:



Percentages based on 184

Rouded figures

Physiology and Medicine





















Grand Total




These Nobel prizes awarded to people of Jewish origin relate for 94% to "Sciences" and therefore constitute a generous contribution to human universal knowledge of humanity with no hint of domination.