Translation from French to English of the Message to the French Socialist Senators – Representatives

(Paris and Brussels) and Leaders

28 December 2011

Dear Friends

January 20, will be the seventieth anniversary of the Wannsee Conference.

This day is an opportunity to make a statement marking a distance from the Prague process that comes from a very right-wing ideology and which advocates a reinterpretation of history detrimental to our fight against racism.

The Prague conference had received letter of support from four public figures from USA, Canada, UK and France and in particular from Margaret Thatcher and Nicolas Sarkozy.

We recall  that:

1-the Holocaust is a unique phenomenon whose consequence is the reduction of the Jewish population of Europe in a negligible number today compared to 1939

2-Nazism is a paroxysmal phase of state racism and attempts to rank it equal to Communism obfuscates the reference it represents for our fight against racism.

We request your support of the attached declaration or tour suggestions for changes, which might ease your support and thank you in advance.

The principle of this declaration is supported by Simon Wiesenthal Center (Jerusalem), Professor Dovid Katz (Lithuania), the famous anti-Nazi Resistant: Dr. Joseph Melamed also President of the association of Lithuanian survivors in Israel and by AJPN (a French Association of Righteous and Persecuted people).. ..

Happy New Year 2012

Didier Bertin


Society for the Promotion of the European Human Rights Model


Translation into English of the Declaration in French




January 20, 2012 will be the seventieth anniversary of the Wannsee Conference at which senior officials of the Nazi Party had decided to exterminate the Jewish population.

This decision was almost entirely completed in Europe until 1945.

The extermination of over 60% of the European Jewish population and the fleeing of the survivors have almost eliminated the Jews of Europe.

The Jewish population of Europe, which reached nearly 10 million people in 1939, is now less than two million people despite the arrival in France of the Jews from North Africa after 1945.

In view of the unprecedented tragedy in Europe, we do not accept that the memory of the Holocaust be not respected and racism be encouraged in any manner and declare: 


1-Communism and Nazism


By introducing a new concept of equivalence between Communism and Nazism, the "Declaration of Prague on European Conscience and Communism" of June 3, 2008, has questioned specific and universal reference represented by Nazism in terms of abomination. This abomination was particularly illustrated by the industrialization of murder, the promotion of racism as a State doctrine and by the Holocaust.

The magnitude of the Holocaust in proportion to the size of the European Jewish population before the war and over a relatively short period from 1940 to 1945 has never been equaled in the history of Europe and thus represents a unique phenomenon.

The Declaration of Prague has unintentionally introduced a risk mitigation of the severity of Nazi crimes in Europe, which could ease help the current rise of racism and the glorification of Nazism.

Pressures, which we regret, are exercised to impose bodies of the European Union a combination of "a legitimate desire to improve the knowledge of the history of peoples under communist regimes" and "an inadequate equity of Communism with Nazism.”


2-The suffering of peoples under communist regimes


We sympathize with the sufferings of the countries of Eastern Europe during the communist era; these countries can celebrate their liberation from their former authoritarian regimes.

However, the principle of a common day to celebrate the memory of the victims of Nazism and Communism as suggested by the  Declaration of Prague is regrettable because it encourages the assimilation between two different phenomena that each deserves clear information.


3-Nazi Crimes, uniqueness of the Holocaust and duty of the European Union


Nazism should retain its specific value as the paroxysmal phase of the State racism that led to a genocide of a unique nature; its assimilation to other events obscures its special nature by the obfuscation of the reference is used to be, this loss of this reference overshadows the memory of the Holocaust and may promote the development of racist ideologies.

The bodies of the European Union should have the authority to prevent on its all territory, official or tolerated racist events and the glorification of Nazism.


28 December 2011