Judeophobia and contending

Origin and various forms of judephobia,

Are there any means to contend this phenomenon?

Didier BERTIN - 16 APRIL 2018

The Anti-Semitism is built of several accumulated strata


The anti-Semitism or more correctly "Judeophobia" started with the expulsion by the Romans, of the Jewish people abroad. The Jewish people became only tolerated in foreign countries where they had to face the hostile interpretations of their own creation:"The monotheism"… and finally their reject of Christianity. The hostility increased with the perverse and growing distance between Christianity from its Jewish roots. This started with Paul and continued with the numerous Councils through which Christianity became a sort of polytheism. The first stereotype was the murder of God (in fact Jesus and in fact his carnal envelope) assumed to have been caused by the Jews....Jews were thus isolated and their activities restricted to those related to money, which generated the second stereotype of the Jews and money.….       


Islam advocates a strict monotheism, unlike Christianity and was partially inspired from distorted interpretations of the Jewish bible (since Jews were accused to have introduced fake information) and acknowledged the existence of Christianity. Islam is based on a new text: the Qur'an. In the Qur'an the misbelievers (also called the peoples of the Bible: Jews and Christians) are considered as subhuman peoples unless they convert to Islam. Qur’an does not only contain religious concepts but elements of Art of War in the frame of the holy war (Jihad) targeting to convert or destroy the misbelievers. 

In fact the extermination of misbelievers was not systematic and their lives may be spared if they accept the inferior rank of Dhimmi in respect Muslim domination collectively and individually. Verses of the Qur'an may be more tolerant towards Christians but the Jews remain the worst enemies.

The main Judeophobic and anti-Christian verses in the Qur’an are as follows:

Judeophobia : SURAH 2 Verses: 44.  67.  75.  88. - SURAH 3 Verses: 67.  95. SURAH 4 Verses: 46.  153.  155.  156.  157. - SURAH 5 Verses: 13.  64. 70.82. SURAH 17 Verse : 4.  Anti-Christianity: SURAH 2 Verse : 120. SURAH 5 Verse: 73. SURAH 9 Verses: 30. 31. 34.  Judeophobia and anti-Christianity: SURAH 2 Verse: 89. SURAH 3 Verses: 85. 91. 99.100. 110.112. SURAH 5 Verses: 51. 59.68. SURAH 9 Verse: 30. 

The word "Islamism" is recently utilized in western countries to build artificially a difference between the fanatic current of Islam and a so called normal and peaceful religion. This language is purposely misleading and Muslim, Islamist refers to the same religion based on the Qur'an whose aggressive content is clear. The Islamists follow strictly the Qur’an. This politically correct language prevents people to understand that the roots of the terrorism are in the Qur'an which should be if this was possible, reformed and may originate from economic or political considerations of some Western countries. Islam is not organized as the Catholic Church and a Muslim council equivalent to Vatican II does not seem realistic.


We may say that after the Diaspora the Jewish people became before 1880 European at approximately 74% i.e. approx 12 million people out which most of them used to live in Eastern countries ….. After the assassination of the Tsar in 1881 many Pogroms started in Russia and Poland which involved the slaughters and the fleeing of many Jews. The police of the new Tsar encouraged the Christian people to kill Jews considered as thefts and murderers of God following the teaching of backward Russian and Polish Churches….The bad harvests from 1903 to 1906 were an incentive to other Pogroms involving the fleeing of near 2.5 million Jews mostly to USA....The Alien Act of the Prime minister Balfour in 1905 prevented Jews to flee to UK. In 1939 the Jewish European population was thus reduced from 12.1 million to 9.6 million meanwhile the Jewish population of USA increased from 3 million to 5 million and in Palestine from almost zero to 500 000. Published in 1903 and 1905 the forged Protocol of the Elders of Zion written in 1901 targeted to strengthen the Russian Anti-Semitism... Since it was translated and published in many other countries a new form of Anti-Semitism was thus created assuming that the small Jewish People intended secretly to conquest the power over the whole Christianity which amplifies until now the persistent traditional Judeophobia....this is a third stereotype regarding Judeophobia.

Jews and Russian Revolution: After the abdication of the Tsar on 15 March 1917, the provisional government decided to cancel the pale district where the Jews were obliged to live, by the decree on abolition of confessional and national restrictions. The Russian Republic was proclaimed on 14 September 1917 and the Bolsheviks took the power in October. The end of Tsarist Russia was emancipation for the Jews meanwhile the slaughters of Jews continued under the initiative of pro-Tsarist armies till 1921. Many Jews supported the Revolution expecting to become totally free and full citizens. …. Another new form of anti-Semitism combining the traditional one and the anti-Communism was created. This form of Anti-Semitism associating Judaism and Communism is still today rooted in the brain of the peoples of the European Eastern countries and in particular in Baltic countries.....This is a fourth stereotype regarding Judeophobia.


Racist doctrines are again another new form of Anti-Semitism which enriches the former ones. The Anti-Semitism is thus built of several accumulated strata.

1- Bases

Anti-Semitism as equivalent of Judeophobia was created by Wilhelm Marr trough the creation of his Anti-Semitic League in 1879. The purpose of a reference to Semitism was to find a word covering not only the Jewish religion but also according to him the Jewish race out of religion context and this is why we think that Judeophobia is a more appropriate word than Anti-Semitism...Arthur de Gobineau published an essay on the inequality of human races where he developed the concept of the Aryan race as the superior race among all races. Ludwig Schemann published in Germany the work of Gobineau; Houston Stewart Chamberlain (An English man living in Germany) explained that the superior race had successfully developed in Germany and northern Europe. …"Die Theozoologie" was written in 1905 by the Austrian Adolf-Joseph Lanz and calling the Aryans the God-men…..All these doctrines influenced Adolf Hitler when he wrote his book "Mein Kampf"…. The fact that Jews were thus identified as a race corrupting the other races is the fifth stereotype regarding Judeophobia.

2-French case in 1894 and birth of modern Zionism in 1897

The anti-Jewish doctrines in France were propagated by the far rightist Edouard Drumont. The anti-Jewish ideas (was then called like that and not yet anti-Semitism) caused the Dreyfus Affair in 1894. If Judeophobia was common in Eastern countries, the fact that it appeared in the country of the Human Rights was disappointing for Theodor Herzl who created the Zionist Congress in 1897 expressing the need for the Jewish people to return to their homeland in Palestine.


Mein Kampf based on racist doctrines, is so violent again the Jews that even a superficial reading of this book may permit to know that if Hitler would take the power in Germany, the Jews would be the first victim in a frame of a systematic extermination.

4- Rightist Anti-Semitism today

This is a common form due the Christian and nationalism generally included in western countries. For this type of Anti-Semitism Jews are considered as alien and not really part of the local Elite and are assumed not to respect the usual rules. The Christian anti-Semitic stereotype is deeply rooted and the successes of Jews are suspected to be disloyal and giving priority to the international Jewry. The high proportion of Jews, for example, who received the Nobel Prize for the glory of the country in which they reside, is left behind (22% of the Nobel Prize winners until 2013 when the number of Jews is negligible compared to the world population ). This is the sixth stereotype of Judeophobia. Rightists try to weaken the dramatic tragedy of the holocaust by comparing it to the victims of Communism. This form of anti-Semitism is still very alive today in the nationalistic political parties.

5-Leftist Anti-Semitism today

It is based on the stereotype of the link between Jews and money. Jews are suspected to reach their economical targets by utilizing dishonest or unclear ways. As for the Rightists, Jews are suspected to be in relation with international Jewry with no consideration for the countries where they live. The Middle East conflict has permitted a huge development of the leftist Anti-Semitism. For the leftists the Palestinians are the weak and poor victims of the powerful Jews.  This is the seventh stereotype of Judeophobia. In order not to appear as Anti-Semitic the Leftists utilize the word "Zionists" to designate the "Jews". Anti-Semitism is sometimes called Anti-Zionism and permits many leftists to express their hatred of Jews i.e. Judeophobia. Leftists tried to weaken the dramatic tragedy of Holocaust by comparing it to the drama of colonialism and slavery.


1- Period 1918-1939

The idea of expulsion of the Jews to areas in Africa was envisaged several times in the past. Chaim Weizmann who enabled Great Britain not to suffer of a lack of explosives during the WW1 by inventing a new form of synthetic explosive obtained the promise of the Minister Lloyd George to support a project of the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.The UK was then mandated to achieve this promise but decided to stop it because it was prejudicial to their relations with Arab countries and prevented the Jews to flee Holocaust to Palestine. The anti-Jewish Laws of 1935 in Germany and the annexation of Austria in 1938 triggered the flight of many Jews. In order to control this flow of refugees President Roosevelt organized the disastrous Conference of Evian in 193830 countries were present and 29 of them refused to host the Jewish refugees. Among them we could mention Canada, USA, UK and France; only the small Dominican Republic agreed to welcome Jewish refugees. This international anti-Jewish action is crime of non assistance of persons in danger of death. The USA and Canada behave shamefully in 1939 when they obliged the Ship St Louis to return to Europe with her Jewish German refugees. This is a significant demonstration of Judeophobia.

2-The Holocaust was known from the allied countries since it started

The British were informed of extermination achieved by the Einsatzgruppen and thus of the start of the Holocaust and intercepted thereafter messages including the extermination statistics sent from Dachau, Buchenwald, Auschwitz and from seven other camps. Among the deciphered documents there was the memorandum of the conversation between Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem on 28 November 1941Hitler explained that the purpose of Germany was the extermination of Jews in Europe and he utilized the word "Vernichtung" (destruction).

In USA, the intelligence services were COI which was aware of the mass murders since August 1941.COI became OSS on 13 June 1942. Abraham Duker and Charles Irving Dwork both members of the OSS made a file on the Holocaust when it was in course of achievement. This file named "Duker-Dwork Collection" is in the National Archives of USA. Duker and Dwork were shocked by the lack of interest of OSS for the Holocaust but being both Jews they were afraid to be accused of giving the Holocaust too much attention.

In August 1942, Gerhart Riegner of the World Jewish Congress in Geneva, sent by cable to British and American Governments information on the Holocaust followed by a complete report of 30 pages whose accuracy was confirmed by an advisor of President Roosevelt. A press conference on holocaust was held in  Washington in November 1942.  Robert Borden Rams member of the State Department complained that this press conference was detrimental to the main target:"Victory over Germany". Taking into account the small Jewish population as compared to the other nation, the Jews might be totally exterminated before the total victory over Germany and in fact this almost happened. In October 1942 Jan Karski representative of the Polish Government in London, collected information on the extermination of Jews in Poland transmitted to the western allies by the Polish Government in London but none reacted. In 1943 Jan Karskiconveyed personally the information to Anthony Eden and to President Roosevelt. The absence of reaction to prevent or slowdown the Holocaust is again a substantial demonstration of Judeophobia.

3-The objective participation of France (allied to Germany) in the massive lost of lives during WW2

In France Marshal Petain signed an armistice in June 1940 that eased the German offensive. France provided Germany with approximately 50% of its GDP annually, weapons, and workforce and guaranteed thus the peace on its territory permitting Germany to deploy more troops on the Eastern front where the German had to face the Russian most combative forces which led Germany to defeatThese facts permitted the extension of the war causing the loss of millions lives.

4-The suspicious attitude of USA

In 1947 USA voted for the creation of a Jewish State but imposed an embargo on all weapons to Israel.  From 1947 to 1949 most of the weapons were provided to Israel by the government of Czechoslovakia.

5-The strong anchoring of anti-Semitic prejudices in French Elite until now

In 1967, it was generally feared that a war against Israel may be a second major achievement of the Holocaust taking into account the bad situation of Israel in front of his numerous enemies. The victory of Israel was surprising and even disappointing in France which immediately stopped deliveries of weapons (embargo) to prevent any further defending actions when Israel was only equipped with French weapons. In November 1967 De Gaulle  declared (Press conference) that the creation of that a Jewish Homeland in Palestine was questionable because the Arab populations disagreed with it and because the Jews acquired land in Palestine in a more or less honest manner and may have certainly the idea to expand their territories. He qualified the Jews of "people sure of him and domineering" using a typical anti-Semitic stereotype particularly indecent for a man who on top visited Auschwitz two months before.This incredible declaration from an important statesman, approximately 20 years after the Holocaust, is also a significant demonstration of Judeophobia.


From 1939 to 2013 the Jewish population has changed as follows:






European  Eastern Countries

325 000


8 345 000


European Western countries

1 031 000


1 314 000


Total Europe

1 356 000


9 659 000








6 200 000


500 000


USA & Canada

6 100 000


5 200 000


Rest of the World

655 000


1 248 000


Grand Total

14 311 000


16 643 000


The Jews are now a negligible number in Western Europe meanwhile we unfortunately can say that Eastern and Central Europe is according to Nazi Vocabulary "Judenfrei" or "Judenrein" meaning cleaned of Jews (no Jews or a negligible number) and nevertheless the Anti-Semitism is as strong as before in these countries. This illustrates that Anti-Semitism is a concept needed by human being in Christian and Muslim countries which is not connected with the physical existence of Jews. This demonstrates that Judeophobia became a serious collective psychological disease in order not to face the own problems of any society. Jews were also obliged to flee from Arab countries because their religion, the Dhimmi rank and the independence of Israel put together their lives in danger.


1-The Prague Statement of 3 June 2008

The "Declaration of Prague on European Conscience and Communism" of June 3, 2008, has made a mathematical equation between Communism and Nazism and questioned specific reference represented by Nazism in terms of abomination.This abomination was particularly illustrated by the industrialization of murders, the promotion of racism as a State doctrine and by the Holocaust….. The Declaration of Prague has introduced a risk mitigation of the severity of Nazi crimes in Europe, which will ease help the current rise of racism and the glorification of Nazism noticed today in many countries and in particular in Baltic countries. Nazism should remain the paroxysmal phase of the State racism that led to the Holocaust of a “unique” natureits assimilation to other events obfuscates its special nature, and  may overshadows the memory of the Holocaust as we have noticed it in many countries.

2 - The European Parliament

The Statement of Prague was followed by a similar statement approved by the European Parliament on 23 September 2008. Nazism seems to be now considered as a totalitarian regime among others and is thus trivialized, losing sight of more than half a century of investigations and legal procedures which permitted to rank it as the paroxysm of horror …. It seems that many European MPs even did not even understand what they approved. This project was supported by Eastern European countries known for their deeply rooted Anti-Semitism without presence of Jews and it should be noted that most of the German MP's did not approve this project probably because they really know what Nazism was.


The economical development in Arab countries after their independences was not successful and they knew high rate of unemployment in particular for the new generations who tried to immigrate to the countries of their former colonizers (mainly France and UK). Because the world crisis involves great unemployment for not qualified people young Arab generations felt marginalized and in quest of identity. They were thus attracted by the religious values which give them together identity and a feeling of superiority over the misbelievers and access to material paradise in case of death as martyr. Their Anti-Semitism finds a legitimation through in the Qur'an and in addition through the conflict with Israel.


The biggest communities out of North America and Israel which represent 6.8% of the Jews are those of Western Europe with a total of one million people out of which 76% are in France and UK which include large very hostile Islamist big minorities. Near half of the Jews of Western Europe are in France where Jewish community increased because of the fleeing of Jews from Algeria at the time of its independence in 1962. French Jews have to face now violent Islamist Anti-Semitism which involved recent murders in the so-called name of the God, the last victim was an 86 year old disabled lady who escaped to deportation in 1942 and was stabbed 11 times and burnt on 23 March 2018.

The French authorities are afraid to take stringent steps since many of the Muslims are also French citizens and represent a substantial electoral force: 8.4% of the French population as compared to 0.7% for the Jews and France has also close economic relations with Arab countries. If the situation does not change the immigration to Israel might be the sole solution involving the responsibility of the State. Displacements of Jews seeking security already exist far from the districts where France cannot impose its laws. This situation involving the responsibility of the State, the payment of damages for displacements or emigration should be entirely covered by the French State.The same process should be applicable to any similar situation in any country of the European Union.