The Rise of Individualist Islamist Attacks in France:

The Rise of Individualist Islamist Attacks in France:

Insufficient Response of Government

Didier Bertin - September 25, 2018

Islamist attacks are carried out by simple means such as a knife or a car. These simple means makes possible the increase the number of attacks with a larger number of victims. In France the guiltiness of former colonization and electoral considerations aggravate the situation.

I-Knife and tradition:

The knife is often a symbol of masculinity in Arab countries as well as social rank.

The first use of a knife in order to kill occurs at home by slaughtering a sheep in cutting its throat in memory of the sacrifice of Abraham (‘Eid). This causes a long and cruel death.

ISIS killed men in the same way on ‘Eid Day of 2016 in a slaughterhouse in Syria.

II-The roots of assaults:

The holy war or Jihad to develop Islam in the world does not exclude the utilization of force to convert people to Islam and especially against the Jews, Christians and polytheists. In the Qur'an several guidelines refer to war: Sura 8, verses 39, 59 and 60, Sura 9, verse 5 and Sura 47, verse 4. Jihad is a permanent war and peace is just a temporary ceasefire.

III-The moral values ​​of the French Republic and Islamism:

Reminder for certain values and events

France excludes all religions from the public sphere which should be restricted to the private sphere.

However French courts tend often want to reduce the responsibility of individual in case of alcoholism, consumption of narcotics or mental problems. This is a way to delete the link in many cases between Islam and attacks. As a matter of fact Muslims represent a substantial wheight in case of elections.

We must remember that the root of the word "ASSASSIN" (an ancient Arab sect) comes from “HASCHICH” whose consumption was easing murders.

IV - History, Reality and Electoral Considerations

France feels guilty of its colonial past which brought among others medical progress, education and law as opposed to Britain and Dutch colonialisms which were brutal and concentrated on the looting of the resources of their colonies.

In 1830, when the French arrived in Algeria the country was already a Turkish colony  encouraging the slaves trades and the naval piracy endangering the French citizens living near the sea. Algeria's population was only three million which was less than 10% of that of France at the time.

Thanks to the medical progress brought from France the Algerian population moved from 3 million people in 1830 to 50 million in 2018, including 7 million people living in France (42.2 million inhabitants were living in Algeria in 2018). Thus the Algerian population grew from 10% of the French population in 1830 to about 80% in 2018{ (42 + 7) / (68-7)}.  Since its independence of Algeria in 1962 its local population has quadrupled. France built the foundations of the Algerian economy and health sector, which is the source of the gigantic growth of the Algerian population. General de Gaulle wanted Algeria's independence because among others France would have failed to absorb ten million Algerian Muslims. Without independence, France would now have 50 million people of Muslim Algerians and 60 million French which means Population 110 million people in a country including France and Algeria).

V - The Muslims in France:

The figures would not have been no significant if the current population of Muslims would have chosen to be fully integrated into the France.

While previous generations of Muslims wanted to integrate into French society, many of the new generation preferred to adopt the values ​​of their ancestors and rejected France but remain on its territory.

The global economic crisis, has hit in priority the young Muslims by lack of professional background  and a s a result Muslims live often in poor districts where they are often unemployed and  living often of narcotics trade. These districts became dangerous for normal population who prefer to flee. The police is hesitating to penetrate in such districts which are name “The lost territories of the Republic”. As a matter of facts the narcotic organizations utilize war guns.

The Muslim population represents 10% of the French prison population, but about 70% of the prison population which became place where radical Islamism is taught.

VI-List of knife or car attacks from 2016 to 2018  in France:

1-On 13 June 2016, two policemen were murdered in their home by a young Islamist near Paris

Jean-Baptiste Salvaing: 42 years old, Commander - Killed by nine stab wounds and Jessica Schneider, his wife killed, her throat was cut in front of her four-year-old son

2-On 14 July, 2016, many people gathered in a pedestrian place for the National Holyday. At 10:00 p.m. a truck of 19-ton driven by an Islamist killed 86 people and injured 458 people. The attack was carried out by ISIS.

3-On July 26, 2016, a priest, Jacques HAMMEL was decapitated during the mass in his church near ROUEN.  

4-On October 1, 2017, two 20-year-old girls were killed in MARSEILLE, France. The murderer was released from jail the day before.

5 - On August 23, 2018, a 36-year-old Muslim near Paris, France, killed his mother and two sisters. "The killer was declared a potential terrorist, whose act was declared by ISIS

6 - On August 13, 2018, a Muslim refugee from Afghanistan attacked 5 people with a knife in PERIGUEUX.

7-On September 9, 2018, a Muslim armed with a knife injured seven people in Paris.

VII-Attacks in France Against elderly or disabled Jews

1-On October 11, 2016 Alain GOZLAN living in CRETEIL was strangled in his home by two young Muslims.

2-On April 4, 2017 Sarah HALIMI – a retired Doctor – was beaten by two Muslim in her home and thrown out by the window from  the 4th floor.

3-On March 23, 2018, firefighters found the cremated body Mireille KNOLL 85-year-old. She was killed earlier by a knife stab by a Muslim neighbor. During the war she had escaped with her mother from the deportation to the concentration camps.

Many Jews were obliged to flee in very safe districts or move to Israel.