Iintroduction letter Oct 2012

RE: Rise of far rightist values within governments of Member States of the EU and its impact on the image of the EU - Problem of previous the  Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2011 and disorders to come with the Presidency of Lithuania in 2013 as the result of their intents.


Dear friends,

The French elected people and  particularly those of  the left wing have a duty to ensure a high level of ethics of the European Union in which we hope that France will maintain its place and make its voice heard on the basis of the new values it has chosen .

The ethics of the European Union suffers from a weakening  that puts it away from its Charter of Fundamental Rights and participates in its loss of credibility.

The Nobel Prize of Peace comes timely in order to recall the foundations of the European Union which were peace and tolerance, but does not remedy the wrong direction it has taken.

The European Commission has the duty to uphold the treaties and we do not understand why the Charter of Fundamental Rights should be an exception; no treaty indicates that economics has priority over ethics. Moreover the European Union has been  built on the basis of a radical change in ethical conceptions.

Ethical values  ensure the sustainability of the European Union as much or more than economics. Countries that do not share the ethical values of the European Union have chaired (Hungary in 2011) or will chair  (Lithuania 2013) the Council of the European Union and may tarnish the image of the whole European Union Please find attached a report on all the problems posed by  Lithuania regarding the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The authenticity  of this Charter which will be soon tested and consequently also the image of the EU perceived by the European citizens who distance themselves from election to election with an institution which becomes alien and even hostile.

We also propose a new declaration of only two sentences, that any democrat should support without a shadow of a doubt  and we hope that you will not ignore it as you did previously and which was a very disappointing behavior of the French Left wing.

We hope you enjoy reading the report and looking forward to your answers.