Letter to Parliament 5 Sept 12



Dear friends

The Socialist Party experiences today exceptionally favorable conditions that never existed in the past  and that might not reoccur : Majority in the House of representatives, in the  Senate, in most provinces  and districts and  in the large cities.

The Socialist Party has no longer an excuse not to carry out major societal and economic reforms and cannot be satisfied with small adjustments, which should remain the specificity of action of the right wing whose task is to extend the life of a system in agony.

Each member of the Socialist Party will promptly have to explain to  people  what has been done with all the powers that were given to the left wing in the different recent elections.

For the moment governmental actions seem bleak, even embarrassing in some cases and unrelated to the major changes and hopes for which the representatives of the Socialist Party were elected.

Worried by this turn of events, I hastily drafted a report whose purpose was to show that our vision has to change of scale (final version enclosed).

Our economic system has become obsolete because it cannot provide the whole world with a fair economic growth and leads us into a dead-end. Not only systemic crises multiply but they are cynically necessary to the alleged self-regulatory mechanism of this system; not only the inequality increases between nations but they are cynically necessary for the viability of the planet with  such system.

The adequate reforms cannot be simple adjustments but a change of economic system which implies that a distance be taken with the rigid and doctrinaire views of the European Union.

The European Union is firmly rooted right and seems to have a horror of comprehensive reforms that would affect its ideological choices;  its institutions are functioning at the convenience of some people with a minimalist ethics.

France could guide the European Union on the path to building a fair society and a realistic global economy instead of just "followership and vague desires" ; this would  honor the best moments of its History.

These declarations under the guise of exposing abuses of communist regimes challenge the uniqueness of Nazi barbarity and exacerbate the actions of racist, xenophobic and antisemitic organizations in the European Union.

Given the substantial changes that has benefited the French Parliament in 2012, we re-submit for your approval our counter-statement in two forms: Project Nr 1, initial version- long form: 68 lines -585 words and Project Nr 2 - short form: 20 lines -154 words, so that everyone may choose the most convenient one.

This declaration will be sent to the various institutions of the European Union and to the governments of the Member States who favor the resurgence of far right organizations.