Didier BERTIN - 18 February 2010

I have published many messages in French regarding this matter ; here is an English translation of the events.

I give a special importance to Wikipedia publications since many people consider, erroneously that it is a totally reliable source and in particular Children, secondary Schools and High Schools Students.

Wikipedia has published an article in French on I.Q.

In the frame of the development of this article the author made an abundant presentation of the Racist Ideology of Richard Lynn shown as a serious research and confirmed the validity of many of his correlations.

Richard Lynn theory is close of them of people as Arthur de Gobineau and Georges Vacher de Lapouse, which inspired Hitler. As a matter of fact Richard Lynn has made correlations of intelligence with Races, Gender, and skull volume.

Richard Lynn has established a scale of Intelligence by Race where the European people are the ultimate reference with a value of 100; Richard Lynn has indicated that the intelligence of following people as compared to Europeans people was 84 for North African people, 67 for Africans and 62 for Australian Aborigines. Same restrictive values were granted by him to many other People.

Wikipedia argued that we may modify this article but eventually do not permit it on the basis on inadequate arguments in this specific case, and maintained the article intact despite our requests.

They said they may modify it only in case of defamation and we explained to them that it was specifically a case of defamation, but they remain on their position.

On top I have clearly indicated to them that they violate the laws of most Democrat countries and in particular the Human Rights Declaration as well as the European Charter of fundamental Rights.

They explained that they have no competence in matter of edition and that they just offer their computer capacity to private authors.

The author is of course responsible but also them since they materially allow the propagation of his text.

Wikipedia remains an interesting idea but they should realize their responsibility as Publisher.

At the last step Wikipedia French representation requested that we have recourse to Wiki Media Foundation in San Francisco.

Taking into account their obstinacy, I have requested that the matter be taken by two main French Organizations specialized in the fight against Racism: SOS Racism and The League for Human Rights.

Today SOS Racism confirmed that they will take legal steps if necessary against the American Foundation.