communiqué to media

Reason and emotion

Message sent to French media

It is highly important to remain lucid and resist to the effects of the emotion aroused by Hamas' propaganda, which boosts the anti-Semitic violence. The following points should be kept in mind:

1-Democracy is useless if it does support the human rights and this is the case when Islamist Governments are elected as in Gaza.

2-It is essential to safeguard human rights and democracy and eradicate terrorism wherever it grows including that of Hamas. Hamas had committed bloody exactions against Fatah in 2007 and endangers both the people of Gaza and Israel.

3-One thousand missiles were launched by Hamas on Israel in a single week which involve retaliations in Gaza strip, where the population is dense and composed for 43.2% of children under 14 years due to a record population growth; this situation leads to civilian casualties and makes Hamas responsible for crimes against humanity. Israel should not suffer the blackmail of terrorists taking civilians as hostage and shooting targets. It becomes urgent to destroy the missiles arsenal of Hamas whose use is harmful to the people of Israel and Gaza.

4-Europe remains a breeding ground for anti-Semitism that seems incurable and which is illustrated by the following figures : 12 million Jews in Europe in 1880, 9.6 millions  in 1939 and only 1.4 million in 2010. We note the European Parliament supported the resolution of Prague of 2008, which obfuscates the Holocaust remembrance. We also note that the Council of Europe adopted a resolution on 8 October 8, 2013 hostile to both Jewish and Muslim religions. In addition, the small Jewish community in France is directly threatened by a growing number of extremist people recruited in the Muslim community which is by far the largest in the European Union.