Hamas executioner of the Palestinian people

Hamas executioner of the Palestinian people


Human Rights and Democracy


By Didier Bertin - July 10, 2014 


Democracy is an empty word if it is not respectful of human rights e.g. dictators were elected democratically to halt democracy. A democracy must have the mission to increase education and impose the respect for human rights in order not to become paradoxically undemocratic. Most major democracies are bicameral to reduce the risk of destruction of their foundations by a sudden populist wave.   

The popular uprisings in Arab countries have too often replaced dictatorships by other more ferocious ones and that is exactly what happened in Gaza. Mahmoud Abbas seems to forget too easily the particularly bloody clashes in June 2007 between Fatah and Hamas. According to Human Rights Watch the fights between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza strip were brutal attacks on the most fundamental humanitarian principles. Killing of non-combatant civilians and captives were committed and were outright war crimes.  

In 2007 Hamas had publicly executed opponents, captives and non-combatant civilians notably by defenestration and yet now it has a majority in Parliament of Gaza.  

Since the takeover by Hamas, Gaza strip has become de facto an Islamist independent entity and the attempts of reconciliation with the Palestinian Authority are against their own particular different nature, which make peace negotiations with Israel very difficult. 

 There is also no consensus possible with an entity that puts the religious laws over democratic rights. For Islamist Entities, democracy is blasphemous because even on earth only God and not the people may have the power through his supposed laws which were transmitted by his pretended messengers. As a consequence this doctrine may value suicide to kill enemies (non-Muslims or Shiite Muslims as in Iraq); this lethal target seems to have been chosen today by Hamas which leads the Palestinian people of Gaza to suffer the consequences of a war; Hamas is thus acting as a leader of a fanatical sect who has decided to conduct his disciples straight to heaven as a result of the expected Israeli reaction to his continuing launching of missiles in Israel.   

Moreover the population of Gaza with 1.5 million spread over 360 km2 is a particularly dense civilian shield utilized by Hamas including near half of children of less than 14 years old due to the very high demographic rate. The children might be thus the first victims of the Hamas' policy who must bear the responsibility of their death. 

The Gaza blockade being ineffective Hamas would have according to TV France 24, an arsenal of 10,000 missiles. As a matter of fact there is not real blockade since Iran delivers regularly missiles to Gaza via Sudan and Egypt. The Iranian missiles have  a range of 160 km and may reach the main cities of Israel as Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva , Jerusalem and Haifa; the agglomerations threatened by Hamas account for nearly two-thirds of the Israeli population.  

We can assume that the support of Iran to Hamas is made subject that the delivered  weapons be used to create chaos but 1.5 million Palestinians of Gaza strip and Israelis 8 million of Israeli should pay the price of this policy. 

Israeli reprisals have already made many victims in Gaza strip but they do not seem to quench the thirst of Palestinian and Israeli blood of Hamas that wants more victims. As a matter of fact the launching of Hamas ' missiles goes crescendo since yesterday July 9 and hit Tel Aviv, Hadera and Zichron Yaakov near Haifa. These shots have resulted in more intense reprisals against Gaza and should lead "as Hamas seems to wish it" to an even more deadly ground invasion of Gaza by Israel Defense Force. 

What is the logic of Hamas? The largest number of Muslims dying as martyrs for God, the death of a maximum number of Israelis away from any idea of ​​peace, the obedience to Iran, the creation of another war in Middle East in addition to those in Iraq and Syria following may be an Iranian strategy... 

The cult of violence and war of Islamist fanatics can lead to a worst-case scenario in their minds,  in which Hamas, Hezbollah and other jihadists would transform Israel in a huge battlefield before returning to their traditional conflicts between Sunnis and Shiites. 

It is time to neutralize the incendiary fanatics of Hamas who should be sued for all the civilian casualties produced by their politics of the worst that is to say a crime against humanity.