Peace Process 2014

Israel- Palestine

A peace process disconnected from reality

An unprecedented American pressure to restore

the tarnished image of Barak Obama

Didier Bertin - April 9, 2014

The basic requirements are not met:


1- The Palestinians have no stable representative to sign a lasting peace


On January 9, 2005 Mahmoud Abbas whose nick name is Abu Mazen was elected President of the Palestinian Authority by the peoples of both West Bank (Judea and Samaria according to Israel) and Gaza Strip.

In 2014 the Arab peoples of the Territories amounted to 4,000, 000 divided as follows:

West Bank: 2,200,000 inhabitants (without the Israeli population) i.e. 55% of the whole population

Gaza Strip: 1.8 million inhabitants i.e. 45 % of the whole population

From 12 to 14 June 2007, the Islamist movement Hamas took power in Gaza and expelled Fatah and the representatives of Mahmoud Abbas. The efforts of Mahmoud Abbas thereafter to restore his power in Gaza Strip were vain and Gaza Strip is sometimes described as an Islamic Emirate.

Prospects for a Palestinian state are not the same for Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas and each represents approximately half of the Palestinians in the absence of new elections of both populations.

To focus efforts on a representative of approximately half the Palestinians to negotiate peace in the name of peoples of West Bank and Gaza Strip is meaningless whatever the opinion of US and Europe is. We understand that the Americans may think that it could appear easier to negotiate peace with Mahmoud Abbas and exclude the Hamas or the population of Gaza Strip but this peace may have no future.



2 Mahmoud Abbas has requirements that can only abort the peace process

Probably aware of the problems regarding his legitimacy on all Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas has requirements which can only lead to the end of the peace process. Despite the decisions of the League of Nations and of the United Nations, Mahmoud Abbas refuses to accept Israel as a Jewish state whose one of the missions is to welcome the Jews who are victims of anti-Semitism in the world. We could hardly imagine that Israel requests similarly that Arab countries declare that they are not any more Arab or that Saudi Arabia ceased to be a Muslim State. Israel could demand for good measure that the Arab States are more or even Saudi Arabia says will be a Muslim state. Israel is a Jewish state but that does not mean that he cannot be together  a secular and Jewish state.

Mahmoud Abbas may also have in mind trough this impossible request the return of descendants of Palestinian refugees who left in 1948 but today such a return will lead to the disappearance of Israel.

Peace agreements were signed with Egypt and Jordan, but those countries did not have such a request.


3 - The indecent behavior of United States

To achieve their target whose purpose is internal, the American went too far. They keep in jail since 25 years Jonathan Pollard because he gave information to Israel which is an assumed ally.

The United States has act as terrorist states by proposing the liberation of Jonathan Pollard against the liberation of Palestinian terrorists.

This is blackmail similar to that of Hamas to free the kidnapped Israeli citizen Gilad Shalit

The United States expect in doing so encourage Mahmoud Abbas to sign a doubtful peace agreement but participate in the increasing of the terrorist risk. Jonathan Pollard would have refused to be utilized for such purpose.