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To the Board of Directors of the Institute for Jewish Research -YIVO

  15 West 16th Street – NYC – NY 10011 –USA

Mrs. Rosina Abramon, Mr. Allan Gerson, Mrs. Fanya Gottesfeld Heller

Mr. Solomon Krystal, Mrs Chava Lapin , Mrs. Ruth Levine, Mr. Leo Melamed 

                                                   Mrs.Dottie Payson, Mr. Martin Paretz,Mr.David Polen,
Mr. Jonathan Mishkin, Mr.Jacob Morowitz,Mr.Bernard Nussbaum  
                                    Mr.Anold Richards,Mr. Charles J. Rose,Mr. Joseph S. Steinberg , Mr. Bruce Slovin 


September 15, 2011

Re: Commemoration of the victims of the Ghetto of Vilna - Your guest of Honor


Dear Sir, Dear Madam, 

My association for Human Rights is supported by the Labour Party of France whose candidate will be the next President of our Republic from May 2012 as this is forecasted by all the French pollsters. 

I have seen on your website your intent to host on 22 September 2011, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister as “guest of honor” in the framework of a commemoration for the victims of the Vilna Ghetto. 

This invitation is particularly shocking and cruel for the Jewish communities of the world since Lithuania is the sole remaining European country  authorizing Neo-Nazi demonstration, and free expression at the expenses of the memory of the Holocaust that are actually government sponsored, or supported or tolerated. 

I respectfully request the rescinding of this invitation of the Lithuanian Minister. 

I have already made this request on 1st September to Mr. Jonathan Brent, who simply rejected it because he said that he

attended a conference in Vilnius organized by the State and that he studied anti-Semitism in Yale. I have also warned

your academic council of the maladroit invitation. 

Mr. Brent does not seem to be aware of the real situation in Lithuania and made a mistake in our opinion in attending this conference in last June. 

As a matter of fact another conference was organized later on 28 and 29 June 2011 in the Lithuanian Parliament hostile to Judaism and the Yad Vashem representative was even obliged to cancel the invitation to attend this shameful conference.

1-The conference of Vilnius organized on 28 and 29 June 2011, organized by the SEIMAS,

 which is the name of the “Lithuanian Parliament”

See the link.,seimas-conference-june-2011,1215801.html

The official theme of the conference organized by the already mentioned research center of the Genocide was the 70th anniversary of the war between Germany and the USSR without any considerations for the worldwide conflict and its consequences. Lithuania claims to have been a victim of this war, but this was the case of the world, which saw the allies opposed everywhere to Germany and to its accomplices and collaborators.

In fact the conference aimed to rehabilitate the Lithuanian militias (LAF) which organized the massacres that started off the Holocaust in 1941, as supposed organizations against Russia although every historian of the era knows the Russians were fleeing the Germans while the Lithuanian “rebels”  were murdering their innocent, unarmed Jewish rebels.

The period of the conference corresponded very painfully also to the 70 anniversary the pogrom of Kaunas, the worse of Eastern countries (25 June to 29 June 1941)., which was erased during the conference.

Yad Vashem was incredibly invited but eventually did not attend the conference. The conference was presented by Irena DEGUTIENE, Member of the Parliament who honored a documentary film glorifying the Militia L.A.F which took a substantial part in the massacres of Jews of June 1941 and collaborated with the Nazis.

Dr Joachim TAUBER (German participant) mentioned during the conference the enthusiastic reception made by the Lithuanian population to the Nazis invaders. 

2-In 2010 a legal court decision (Court of Klaipeda) has authorized the Public display of the


Mr. Brent innocently believes that Nazi and communist symbol are banned. The Court of Klaipeda solved the problem in declaring that the SWASTIKA WAS NOT A NAZI SYMBOL BUT A LITHUANIAN SYMBOL. 

3-During the Neo-Nazis Parades in the Streets of Vilnius for the day of independence the Swastika

is hold by many people as flags or armbands. This Parade is duly authorized by the State and is  protected

 by the Lithuanian Police.

See the link,nazi-infiltration-in-lithuania,1213598.html

4-An Organization as the Patriotic Youth is subsidized by the Government.

According to the officials they did not do or say anything wrong. In Kaunas the Patriotic Youth parades in the Street in

shouting the slogan “Thanks God, I am White”

 See the link,far-rightist-lithunia-unmasked,1216088.html 


5- A major Neo-Nazi Leader, Ricardas CEKUTIS, is paid by the government

through an employment as public relations “chief specialist” in the State-owned research center for the Genocide, which of course excludes the Holocaust of its field of interest. The Research center of the Genocide is associated to the museum of the Genocide, which also excludes the Holocaust. At the entrance people who ask are told politely that for the “Jewish things” we have to go to a wooden hut, named Green House, small and difficult to find and where the Holocaust is mentioned. Genocide in Lithuania means only the troubles and exile of the communist era.

Mr. Ricardas CEKUTIS and the Member of Parliament Kazizmieras UOKA obtained the state authorization for their annual Nazi Parade for the day of independence of the country. This Parade takes place on the main Boulevard of Vilnius.

A few months ago, Mr. CEKUTIS declared to a newspaper that the Jews are playing with

matches near a powder Keg, which is a most clear threat.

See the link,neo-nazi-lithuania,1214740.html


6- At the 9th Fort which is where the Jews of Kaunas were killed, a museum is the entrance to the 9th

 Fort; this museum is  essentially dedicated to the victims of Communism with a

very restricted place for the Holocaust.


As a matter of fact, many events in Lithuania have progressively revealed the hostile attitude of this country against the memory of Judaism and in particular against the memory of the Holocaust.


7-At least fifteen Lithuanian Nazi war criminals,

who had escaped to the United States after WW2, were stripped of their US citizenship when their past was revealed and they were deported to their native Lithuania. Only three were brought to trial for their Holocaust crimes.  The two most important cases were those of the District of Vilnius: The Commander of Lithuanian Security Police -the Saugumas-Aleksandras LILEIKIS and his deputy Kazys GIMZAUSKAS were, only prosecuted after they were declared medically

 unfit to stand trial and thus never appear at their trial and could not be punished. For years and years

there was total inaction and delay tactics.


Many people in Lithuania consider the Nazis as their Liberators from the Russian

occupation in 1941 and Nazism became there and also in Latvia a respectable ideology for

many people and the antisemitism in Lithuania is deeply rooted.

As a matter of fact, in June 1941 the Soviet army withdrew from the Lithuanian cities under pressures of the progress of Nazis and the local citizens took this sudden absence of authority in many towns across the country even before the arrival of the German Army, to express their deep rooted hatred against the Jews. In the sole area of Kaunas and in five days from 25 June to 29 June 1941, 5 000 Jews were beaten to death by the population and Lithuanian militias. There were murders in 40 other locations before the Germans came, and violence in many more. This history was recently distorted in the country by an academic conference organized by the same people now manipulating naive foreign Jewish scholars and leaders.

Around 96% of the Lithuanian Jewish population was massacred, which is the highest

extermination rate in Europe made possible by the Lithuanian collaborators.

8-Lithuanian Police continues today to hunt the survivors of the Holocaust and anti-Nazi resistance veterans,

for “war crimes” because they survived and the historians among them

have rightly denounced many so called Lithuanian “heroes” who were members of the LAF

as being Holocaust perpetrators.

This witness of few survivors is a substantial problem for the Lithuanian authorities who want to convert the perpetrators of the pogroms and of the Holocaust into National Heroes (LAF members).

The Lithuanian police then tried to create troubles to Dr. Rachel Margolis (born in 1921), Dr. Yitzhak Arad of Tel Aviv (born in 1926), Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky (born in 1922) and requested 2 days ago on 30 August 2011 the extradition from Israel of Mr. Joseph Melamed (born in 1925), the director of the Association of the Lithuanian Jews in Israel.

The action of the Lithuania against the President of the Lithuanian Jews in Israel, Mr.

Joseph Melamed, is so dramatic that Israel's official Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem on

Thursday rescinded an invitation to Lithuanian officials

to attend a memorial service, as a protest against their country's call to investigate a Holocaust survivor.

The British Parliament is also preparing also a protest against this action

See the link 

I renew thus my request to rescind the invitation of the Lithuanian Minister at the ceremony

for the victims of the Ghetto of Vilna on 22 September 2011 in the name of the memory of the

Holocaust and in the name of the fight against the  nostalgia of Nazism dangerously

increasing in certain countries of Europe. 


Yours sincerely, 

Didier BERTIN, President