The ineptness of Arno Klarsfeld

The ineptness of Arno Klarsfeld: a risk for the Jews

Didier Bertin - March 13, 2024

While almost 80% of French MP’s agreed on March 12, 2024 to give Ukraine a firm support of Ukraine, Arno Klarsfeld went on the same day at 10:00 p.m. at LCI (TF1 news channel) to criticize this support and agreed with the wishes of Putin. He advocated a loose attitude towards Ukraine and supported Putin’s views similarly as the French antisemitic far leftists named “Insoumis” (rebellious) and as the French Communist Party. This position could increase the degradation of French opinion towards the Jews and Israel. "Even the far rightists party (Rassemblement National) abstains in order not to hurt public opinion."

Arno Klarsfeld claims to represent the interest of the Jewish community on the basis of the deportation of its paternal grandparents, as the suffering of his paternal grandparents gave him the right not to feel any empathy for that of the Ukrainian people. Yet it is victim of crimes against humanity as those of Nazis: slaughters, deportations, death of several hundred Thousand of civil and military people since the Russian invasion together with a repeated nuclear threat against the Western countries and their allies. He also claims to have known the horrors of the war during his military service "set up for him given his advanced age of 38 years for a beginner soldier" in Israel. In fact, he was integrated into "border guards" and not into the elite units, but claims in LCI, having witnessed the fact that the pain of the wounded soldiers made them calling their mother, "mocking Tsahal".

This man is approaching today to sixties but still has the appearance and approach of a nervous teenager. During the trials of the accomplices of Nazis during the war: “Touvier and Papon”, he ostensibly moved "in rollers to go to court". In Mr. Touvier case, he defended a position which was likely to open the way to the prescription of his crimes and with regard to Mr. Papon case he requested 10 years of prison when the other civil parties requested "legitimately” life imprisonment.

There were some very minority demonstrations of supporters of Nazis in certain eastern countries just freed of communism and nourished by the suffering inflicted to these peoples by communism. The late Madame Hélène Carrère d'Encausse (expert of Russia and member of the French Academy) said that Nazism and communism were similar in terms of horror.

These countries have become democracies that are thirsty for freedom and Ukraine elected a Jew as president who has become the embodiment of courage. The fallacious target of Putin was the appropriation of Ukraine and impose there his dictatorship as in Russia. According to Arno Klarsfeld, Putin should not be compared to Hitler because he does not want to impose the Nazi doctrine, but as Hitler, Putin is a bloodthirsty dictator who is killed by hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilian peoples and assassinates his opponents. In addition, the conquest to create the German vital space according to Hitler (Lebensraum) is similar to the historic aspirations of Putin who has declared that "Russia has no borders, asserts itself in war and territorial expansion". Putin is actually worse than Hitler because he has the highest number of nuclear bombs in the world (around 5,000) and can trigger an action that could lead to the extermination of the world's population. As Stalin, he exercises an absolute power "alone" and can decide to use nuclear weapons according to his mood. He claims that he will only do so if the existence of Russia is threatened, but he is the only one to know what he considers as Russia which includes many countries not yet under his control. Giving Putin everything he wants, by cowardice might be endless. It is urgent in the interest of the planet, to neutralize Putin. Arno Klarsfeld would like Ukraine to give Putin Crimea and Donbass in exchange for an unlikely promise of peace and against the international law principles. In the same way the offer of Sudetenland to Hitler by France and the United Kingdom in order to have peace brought war and dishonor. According to Arno Klarsfeld Ukraine should not become a member of the EU, nor NATO thus adopting the same position as that of Putin.

By putting himself in France on the side of “Insoumis” and Communists, he can seriously worsen the situation of the Jewish community of France; He thus takes a position against the Western countries and their allies like the Pope who advised the victims to lift the white flag. On the basis of such an opinion one could obtain an unfair peace in Israel by asking Tsahal to lift the white flag in front of the terrorists and giving them all territories they require including Jerusalem and even from the river to the sea. Cowardice is always bad advisor.

Continuation of the Arno Klarsfeld affair of March 12, 2024 on LCI

Following his shameful intervention on March 12, Arno Klarsfeld had to explain himself against General Trinquand on LCI on March 15 at 21.15. This explanation was particularly brief and we saw a decomposed, pitiful Arno Klarsfeld who tried "very awkwardly to improve his first version"; However, he maintained that it was necessary to give in to Putin in a hypothetical hope of peace. It seems to us that he suffers from a "substantial lack of maturity". His career was particularly irregular to end in the family legal office. We asked TF1 to no longer receive this person who represents only himself but whose family name can be confusing with his father's past action and thus one might think " erroneously" that he represents anything in the Jewish community.The ineptness of Arno Klarsfeld: a risk for the Jews