Didier BERTIN - 23 NOVEMBRE  2014



Over time the great religions have had to adapt to changing mores and the evolution of knowledge and consider the rules of democratic states in the field of human rights at least when their activities were concentrated in these states. For example, Vatican II (1965) liturgical modernizations viz., the official abandoning of Jewish culpability in the deicide, paved the way for social and legal reforms.


Islam and the Qur'an cannot escape a necessary adaptation respectful of Human Rights at least when it is practiced and taught in the West and Israel. This adaptation is in fact by the distance taken on the Koran by many moderate Muslims and integrated living in Western democracies, and particularly with certain verses of the Qur'an anachronistic and inappropriate for Human Rights.


Muslim youth and young Christians converted to Islam in search of an identity or social or school leavers can easily persuaded by reading the Qur'an literally they may seem exciting by its simplicity and because crime is made lawful against unbelievers; this which makes it easier for recruiters to holy war from another time. After a careful reading of each verse of the Qur'an, we find that many verses reported in our book provide a framework to provide moral permission to hate and killing, torturing (giving free rein to sadistic impulses of individuals) and fly non-Muslims.


Qur'an verses indicate that only Islam must remain among religions and other beliefs and threaten severe punishment those who do not fight in the path of Islam and must see life in this world as a simple transition to a better life to the material and sensual plan. The Qur'an also plays on the meaning of "submit" to submit to Allah and the Quran is to be Muslim, but by exaggerating the sense, the Qur'an calls Muslims prophets like Abraham, because they are subject to God without the need to submit to the Qur'an that did not exist in their time; this is a gross misuse of the meaning of the word Muslim.


The Qur'an is as anti-Jewish as Mein Kampf and all is permitted since God himself would have cursed the Jews. The Qur'an is secondarily anti-Christian and finally he opposes all beliefs in the world that is not Islam. It is this new behavior that brings back days and immoderate strict monitoring of the Qur'an literally, this reading distance without allowing settle personal scores or just to do battle and poses the problem of the incompatibility of some verses of the Qur'an with the laws of Western democracies and human rights.


These democracies including Israel must always uphold public order and human rights and Women in their territories. The countries most affected by fanaticism are the way East, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa account for only 20% of the 1.6 billion Muslims.

Islamic terrorism is rooted in a number of Qur'anic verses whose expression is to be reconsidered and the charters of terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda DAESH, reflect and apply the verses of the Qur'an the most violent except for the concept of Waqf (land of Islam including Israel) while the Qur'an stresses the award of the land of Canaan to the Israelites: verses 20 and 21 of Surah 5, verse 87, 90, 93 of Surah 10 verse 104 of Surah 17.  


Outside of terrorist movements, countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar materially encourage the spread of a literal reading of the Qur'an and thus contribute to the spread of terrorism. Their high adaptability diplomatic must never forget the great responsibility they have taken and are taking.        The reform of Islam in Western countries is necessary to protect the adverse external influences and will go through negotiations with the Western leaders of Islam in order to find acceptable ways to change the most dangerous verses but also by law to enforce public order, morality of Western democracies and human rights. Some distance with the Middle East Arab countries that fund or funded extremist movements should be taken as retaliation for their actions underway or have conducted.


The soul of the West should not be for sale in dollars or barrels of oil despite the economic dominance that one wants to reign. The tradition of dual language diplomacy of some Western countries because of the inclusion of financial and oil interests has its share of responsibility for the spread of terrorism by giving those states which are actually homesteads respectability that they do not deserve.


Several verses of the Qur'an show that it was tailor made for the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula in the light of their manners at the time of his writing or his revelation to evolve into monotheism.


The Qur'an is especially by some of its verses only to Arabic tribes of Mecca and its surroundings. Several verses indicate that if the Qur'an is in Arabic is for clarity for its readers (Surah 6, verse 92, Surah 12, verset2; Surah 19, verse 90, Surah 39, verse 27 and 28; Surah 41, verse 44, Surah 42, verset7; Surah 43, verses 3 and 4).

We find that bad English translations of the Qur'an circulate as that of the Dar Es Salaam publications, which pretends that Allah said in Surah 8: Booty -Verse 60: "And make ready Against Them all you can of power, Including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery, etc.)   Threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides Whom, May you not know purpose Whom Does Allah know. And whatever you spend `shall in the Cause of Allah Shall Be repaid unto you, and you` shall not Be treated unjustly. »


Serious disturbance of public order and peace in general in Arab countries and Western democracies are directly derived from the Qur'an by some of its components such as:




1- The refusal to recognize the legitimacy of other religions


2- The desire to eliminate violence by the followers or adherents of these religions and priority Jews and Christians secondarily


3- Sadistic tortures and terrible punishments mentioned in the Qur'an


4- The mistreatment of women and slaves (yet lively tradition in many forms through East)


5-pagan nature of a paradise for convince naive people to sacrifice their lives for attacks


6- The contesting of democracy as it takes into account the people's will, which is not acceptable by the followers of the Quran to the letter sees a challenge to the omnipotence of God and his divine rules unless democracy is serving the Islamist regimes in which religion and the center and the Human Rights and Women are excluded


7-The lack of notion of free will which does not allow building a clear moral distinguishes right from wrong because it is Allah who leads on the wrong track or that he wants (Surah 16 verse 93, Surah 42 verse 8 ...)




The Qur'an requires a strict application of the rules by the people subject (Islam), the divine character gives them a higher rank than any other rules even in the context of civil life.

In Western democracies, Islam should revise those passages that undermine democratic principles, tolerance and human rights.  Calls that incite violence and hatred and murder cannot continue to be taught especially to children who must be protected. Qur'anic hate cannot be rationalized and legalized as "sacred" as it is pretended in France. Hate schools leading to violence should not be tolerated on the floor of the Western democracies especially Israel.


Imams and religious leaders in France who say that intolerance and violence are foreign to the spirit of the Qur'an should concur to moderate the Qur'anic texts that go against the idea that they propagate outside of Islam.


One cannot speak of peace or solve the problems of terrorism if it does not solve the root of the problem-- With precedent from its Christian counterpart, Islam must reform.