Didier Bertin – 7 March 2022


I-Facts govern our action

If there was the slightest doubt about the existence of Ukraine as a United Nation, it is now removed because Putin's appalling aggression will have definitively reinforced the national cement which unites most of them beyond their history the Ukrainians within the same homeland. Donbass separatists may even begin to have serious doubts about the future of their independence.

The presumptuousness of Putin who claims to denazify a country which democratically elected as its head a Jew who become a hero of the Ukrainian nation makes this motive particularly mendacious. Putin should start by cleaning Russia of its Nazi sympathizers and getting rid of its mercenaries from the Wagner group whose leader, who is an admirer of Hitler, is invited to official receptions in Moscow. It is clear that the Russian aggression of Ukraine, which was to be a Blitzkrieg that the Russian army did not know how to carry out, is a copy of Hitler's invasion of the Sudetenland to take control of Czechoslovakia. The Minsk agreement is considered scraps of paper by Putin as were the Munich agreements and we cannot be satisfied with the signature of dictators without asserting the use of force. The cowardice of Western democracies only whets Hitler's appetite and Putin will follow the same path with Moldova and why not with the countries of the European Union in the East.

It is clear that an act of war instead of the Munich agreements could have led to peace and yet the democracies continue to seek to negotiate with a dictator and this only convinces Putin of their weakness. Putin plays with the fact that he has the nuclear fire which should have caused the Western powers to exert a similar and immediate threat. The size of Russia is no longer the protection it had been against Napoleon or Hitler since 80% of Russians are concentrated on 25% of their territory.

We have to ignore the nuclear threats that would jeopardize the very existence of Russia and no longer obey Putin. By not protecting the Ukrainian sky we are obeying Putin, by not pushing back the Russian troops we are obeying Putin, by letting the Ukrainian civilian population be murdered before our eyes we are obeying Putin. The new media including television make these murders happen before our eyes in our living rooms and we can no longer pretend we didn't know.

The leaders of the democracies might fear having to go before the International Criminal Court one day for non-assistance to peoples in danger of death as this should have been the case for Cambodia and Rwanda.

Jews were designated victims of Nazi aggression during World War II in which two-thirds of the European Jewish population was murdered in full view of the major leaders of the Western world; they probably had nothing but contempt for the survival of minorities, which could have lost short time in the process of conventional warfare which pits armies against each other.

Despite this, we are seeing new people on television sets who are supposedly respectable and who come to explain that it is necessary to be reasonable for two, even if the price to pay is both the disappearance of Ukraine and the reconstitution of the Iron Curtain. As De Gaulle did, we still have to save France from the Vichy spirit and our army will quickly push back the Russians to Russia; it is an opportunity to catch up with the disaster of 1940. It will not be a third world war but a local conflict to protect Europe as France does in Africa to protect itself from terrorism.

II-Historical reminder

Ukraine, unlike Russia, is entirely in Europe while Russia is only 25% European, which reveals an essential identity difference. Ukraine was the first Slavic country under the name of Kievan Rus'. Kievan Rus' stretched from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. After the fall of Kievan Rus' the principality of Moscow seized the territories of its neighbors and then became the Tsarat of Russia. Ivan II of Moscow had already given himself the title of sovereign of all Rus'.

In response to previous Mongol invasions, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and Catherine II adopted a policy of territorial expansion in both East and West (notably in Poland). The Cossacks reached the Pacific then the Bering Strait and Alaska (then sold to the United States).

Russia thus became immense by accumulating arid and empty lands of population and was therefore an Empire which was not very productive. Russia and then the USSR became a great power in terms of surface area and belligerent nature, but certainly not a great economic power. The accumulation of war materials was done at the expense of a population that had to live in poverty. Ukraine, which supplied grain to the USSR, was sometimes deprived of it, leading to the Holodomors which were great famines considered as genocidal acts by the USSR against Ukraine.

Superficial bankers for the most part were always impressed by the appearances of power of Russia and then of the USSR without suspecting that it was only a décor; thus Russia, like the USSR was the worst debtor. Debts that were never paid were extended indefinitely to give the banks time to pass provisions. In fact the loans to Russia and the USSR were gifts from the Western economy to an economic dwarf.

The recent birth of real great economic powers definitively and very visibly calls into question the myth of a powerful Russia with regard to its GDP/per capita. Putin seems to continue to live in an artificial past. Russia is also not a major military power due to its limited economy. The threat of the use of the atomic weapon which was to guarantee peace is delinquent and suicidal behavior in the jihadist style. This underlines the importance of depriving dictatorships of atomic weapons, starting with Iran.

The colonies of the great Empires have gradually become independent and a colonization war is particularly anachronistic and unacceptable. For delinquent States it is easier to seize goods from an easy prey rather than to produce ones. Putin wants to steal the minerals, grain, and port cities of Ukraine and expand his territory like the distant Tsarat of Moscow. If we follow the aspirations of the pirate states, the free world will disappear absorbed by a universe without rules, without laws and without morals questioning the existence of the planet.