Unacceptable request from Karim Ahmad Khan (ICC)


May 29, 2024,

The first duty of a head of government of a democracy is to protect his citizens from external aggressions as is the case of Ukraine by Russia; This is also the case of Israel by Hamas in the South, Hezbollah in the North and Iran in the East. Israel's reactions to these attacks were late for probable reasons of internal policy, but are self -defense acts. However, the Prime Minister Netanyahu remains highly criticizable if accusations of corruption against him are exact, and also because of serious security failures on the Gaza border.

These facts must be judged by Israeli courts and not by the ICC. Moreover, the alliance of Netanyahu with far -right parties in order to keep the PM position has impaired the prestige of the country. The absence of sufficient security steps in southern Israel as well as of long -term political vision has caused an appalling drama for the Israelis. In any case, the equal treatment of leaders of Hamas and of the Israeli Prime Minister and his Minister of Defense could allow doubts about the objectivity of the CPI prosecutor (Karim Ahmad Khan).

General situation

In 2005 Israel decided to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and in 2006 the terrorist organization Hamas obtained a majority of 56% of the seats against Fatah in the first elections. In 2007 a conflict opposed the Fatah to Hamas and 600 people were killed. Hamas has executed part of the Fatah leaders and chased the others outside Gaza in order to exercise there a dictatorial power.

According to Israeli government statistics Hamas shouted from 2006 till 2023 to around 18,400 rockets mainly in southern Israel. These often-imprecise shotting nevertheless reflected "the intention of making a maximum of civilian victims and thus an revealed an intentional genocidal target”.  Israeli's retaliatory measures were insufficient. The Israeli government has also not taken seriously the alerts launched before October 2023, by the military body of the observers including mostly young women   who were unfortunately among the first victims of the pogrom on October 7, 2023. Now many young women are reluctant to serve in this army corps.

The blindness of the Israeli authorities was also illustrated by the authorization given to organize a "rave party" near the Gaza border and 270 participants were massacred by Hamas assisted by Palestinian civilians.

Netanyahu would have naively believed that he had bought peace with Gaza by allowing Qatar to fund Hamas via Tel Aviv since 2018. Qatar has provided through Tel Aviv around $ 300 million to Hamas.  These funds have probably contributed to finance the weapons and to the construction of part of the 500 km (according to Israeli army) of Gaza undergrounds also called "Gaza Metro" These numerous undergrounds serve as shelter for terrorists, to move safely under the full territory and also as storage and manufacturing areas of weapons. Netanyahu's probable objective might have been the weakening of Palestinian authority in the West Bank in order to facilitate the colonization there required by his fanatic allies.

As a matter of fact, the underground passages have protected terrorists from Israeli strikes knowingly using the Palestinian civilian population as a human shield, which constitutes also “a genocidal behavior of Hamas with regard to the Palestinians”.

“Respect for the life of civilian populations, hospitals, schools, places of worship and civilian homes are considered by Hamas "as the weak point of democratic regimes which tried to protect them from fighting". Such locations have been used excessively for terrorist purposes regardless of the consequences for the Palestinian population. This absence of moral principles is similar to that of Putin with regard to the Ukrainian civilian population.

War generator: the pogrom of October 7, 2023

About 2,900 Hamas terrorists accompanied by civilians from Gaza have infiltrated without any difficulty in Israel with the aim of killing the maximum possible people and taking hostages. 1,200 to 1,400 Israelis and a number of foreigners were said to have been killed, including 1,033 civilians 299 soldiers and 58 police officers. I24News (Israel) mentioned the following figures regarding the victims: 36 were minors, including 28 adolescents between 10 and 17 years old, 7 children between 2 and 9 years old, and a 10 -month -old baby. The other victims are divided into age groups: 666 people aged 18 to 29, 186 between 30 and 39 years old, 105 between 40 and 49 years old, 91 between 50 and 59 years old, 79 between 60 and 69 years old, 58 between 70 and 79 years old, and 24 between 80 and 91 years old” i.e. a total of 1 280 victims. Ultimately Israel set on November 10, 2023 the number of Civilian and military dead at around 1,200.

After various negotiations, a part of the hostages was released and there would be "about" 120 "living or dead" remaining. During the last negotiation, Israel requested the release of 33 hostages and Hamas proposed instead 20 living and 13 dead. One might think of this proposal that very few hostages are still alive, many of them having probably been killed by Hamas or by Palestinian civilians who held them. The low probability of surviving hostage survival seems to make vain attempts of negotiation with Hamas.

Many young women have been raped collectively before being mutilated and killed according to the testimony of terrorists taken prisoner and according to their own videos. The silence of feminist associations is deafening and discredit them all. This first pogrom since the end of the Second World War inside the Jewish National Home land seems to have been necessary so that Israel decides to put an end to the incessant rain of missiles on his territory since 2006 and to definitively neutralize Hamas.

Human shield analysis: the Gaza population

The population of Gaza which is the human shield of Hamas is 2,141,643 inhabitants (estimate 2024 of the World Factbook, CIA) including 1,086,340 men and 1055,303 women, with a particular structure:

0-14 years: 38.8%, including boys: 427,450 and girls: 404,288

15-64 years: 58.3%, including men: 627,235 and women: 620.903

65 years and over: 2.9%, including men: 31,655 and women: 30,112

The median age of the population is therefore particularly low: 19.5. Half of the population of Gaza is therefore under 19.5 years old and consequently near half the human shield that protects Hamas is made up of children and adolescents knowingly endangered.

The Palestinians benefit from the unique status in the world of "hereditary refugees" which allows them to benefit from subsidies from generation to generation while in Gaza the real refugees (displaced people from their initial territory) are less than 60,000. This incomprehensible situation leads to idleness and consequently, on the incentive of terrorists, to bellicism and remove any hopes of peace. Terrorists and the UN (especially UNRWA and its donor countries) are co -responsible for this situation.

Main Gaza activity: terrorism

Education: Hamas (Ministry of Education) is organizing "summer camps" where children receive military training from the age of 10. In these camps, children learn the Hamas doctrine and targets i.e. the annihilation of Israel and of his entire population. In the Islamic tradition boys become adults at the age of 15 and thus might become fighters.

Information: The Al-Aqsa television channel of Gaza propagates the anti-Semitic ideas of the tsarist Okhrana and of the German Nazi regime on the existence of an international Jewish plot and consequently on the need to destroy the Jews. This idea is resumed in current pro Hamas demonstrations in the Western countries demanding a Palestine from “the river to the sea", that is to say "Judenfrei" (rid of the Jews) according to Nazi terminology.

Terrorism: According to the World Factbook (CIA), the terrorists in Gaza were about 25,000 in 2023 including the Izz al-Din Al-Qassam brigades of Hamas to which are added those of Islamic jihad. However, the Lebanese newspaper "L’orient-le-Jour" estimates that their maximum number could even reach 40,000. Four brigades still well organized would be mainly in the Rafah region where they would benefit from the permeability of the border with Egypt. Four big tunnels crossing the border between Gaza and Egypt were discovered and had 84 different accesses (source Israel Army).

Losses in Gaza: terrorists and civilians

These could reach around 30,000 people but the figures indicated remain approximations and include around 15 000 terrorists killed according to colonel Rafowicz (Israel army spokesperson for French speaking people). These losses would also include 13,000 women and children (according to Hamas) but as formerly mentioned, Palestinian civilians are victims of Hamas' strategy for which they constitute their human shield. For sole compensation Hamas has apologized to Gaza civilian population.

The neutralization of all Hamas fighters has become a prerequisite for a political solution

Neither the Arab countries nor the Palestinian authority want to manage Gaza as long as Hamas survives inside. An agreement with the Arab countries or organizations (Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Palestinian Authority) can only be possible if Gaza is released from Hamas. As already mentioned, in 2007 Hamas had executed a large part of the members of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. The Arab countries and the Palestinian authority are therefore waiting for Israel to solve the problem in their place.

The neutralization of Hamas will take time since it involves urban guerillas that expose the life of civilians to be protected while providing them with sufficient humanitarian aid.

The pending American electoral issue between Biden and Trump led the United States to criticize Israel regarding the civilian losses and humanitarian aid, which was allegedly reduced in Gaza and the intervention in Rafah. Finally, the United States changed their mind and find that Israel was not enough efficient regarding the proportion of neutralized terrorists as well as the proportion of the destroyed undergrounds. The United States admit now the continuation of Israeli military operations in Gaza, including Rafah. This pragmatism undoubtedly proceeded from an electoral adaptation due to the position of many democrats and republicans Representatives.


Military operations in Gaza will be longer than expected and will affect the Israeli economy. The neutralization of Hamas is essential for a long-term political solution in the Middle East. It is regrettable that the abomination of the very recent pogrom of October 7,2023 already tends to fade in the memories overwhelmed by a mass of propagandist information spilled by too many media.

In recent years have seen the uninhibited expression of a pseudo Wokism, anti -Semitism, anti -White racism, Islamism and terrorism. However, the visible demonstrations have no deep roots in most of the truly democratic countries.

Israel must no longer permit fanatical parties to be part of detestable coalitions as it is today. An improvement in the electoral system must allow the formation of a democratic and moderate government because Israel has been designed by its founders as a Jewish national home and not a ghetto inside which the Jews would be locked up by hatred of others.

According to The Economist Group (UK) only 72 countries out of 193 in the world can be considered as democracies in 2022, this means that the UN is no longer an assembly of countries capable of resolving world conflicts. Arbitration of the United States has become essential to conduct a peace process in the Middle East.