Who wins the war against Nazism?


Who wins the war against Nazism?

What are the major mistakes of those who do not condemn the process of Prague?



For a so called  compassion with the people who suffered from communism, the process of Prague rewrites history in a rightist manner and encouraged intolerance and racism.


After the shameful Munich agreements, USSR had sought in vain to get closer to the UK to be protected from Germany and finally the non-aggression treaty between USSR and Germany could have only been a delaying tactic arrangement . USSR and Germany had  clearly marked their difference during the Spanish Civil War and the contents of "Mein Kampf" on the Judaism and  Bolshevism and living space for German people: the superior race,  was a clear sign of the upcoming Operation Barbarossa. Prague Process made a wide use of this dilatory agreement to feed its ideology.

Western countries tend to gargle their exploits during the last war and  fail to say that their victories were only banderillas shots and  not the thrust. Yet the historical presentation of war  in Europe suggests too often that Nazism was defeated by the Anglo-American forces. For example, in Caen's memorial (France) ,the flag of the USSR does not appear anywhere, and the memorial focuses on an 11 month operation (Overlord) while the real war on the Russian front, which lasted 47 months, is omitted.

So we can see here and there to commemoration of the Allied soldiers out of which USSR is excluded, while in brief USSR won the war in Europe against Nazism with the supply  of US military equipment. 

USSR has alone destroyed 80% of the Wehrmacht.

URSS has paid dearly for the victory against Nazism for the benefit of all other allied countries.

In order to defeat the Nazis for the benefit of all, USSR lost  16% of its population i.e.  26 million people , out of which nearly 13 million soldiers, including about 4 million prisoners killed by the German army.

The rejection of this reality that may be upsetting for the Western countries,  is disrespectful towards the 26 million Soviet citizens dead to defeat Nazism and this inclination is encouraged by the Prague process.

Among the members of the axis we must note the presence of Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and of the appalling Baltic militias, who complained thereafter from USSR's invasion. Romania has provided 50% of consumption in Germany, i.e. all of its production and extended substantially the course of the war.

Communism is a social philosophy unfortunately distorted by Stalin and has nothing in common with Nazism focused on the dominance of a so called superior race, which empowers itself to enslave or destruct the so called inferior races and to conquer its living space.

Prague process historical revisionism reflects anti-communist and anti-social feelings that the French Socialist Party should not support because its members are supporters of the left and of the progress. This does not prevent sincere compassion with peoples who have suffered a distorted and authoritarian communist regimes.


1-Place of the Holocaust in the Prague process

Many eastern countries have pretended to have been victims  of genocides by the Communists but with no proven relation in line with the article II of the UN Genocide convention dated of December 9, 1948. These countries were victims of tragedies but without comparison with the Holocaust in terms of amplitude and duration. Judaism has almost been eradicated from Europe meanwhile these countries and their peoples are still living and growing.

Some of these countries clearly want to get in competition with the Holocaust and they deliberately denigrate its importance and in particular those who were directly involved in its perpetration.

The questioning of the uniqueness of the Holocaust is consistent with the attachment of certain populations to anti-Semitism and racism in general.

The sole Eastern European countries which saw a significant reduction in its population because of the Nazis was USSR.

The Prague process is therefore involved in an inaccurate rewriting of history by hatred of communism after the Cold War. The forces of progress should not be involved in a such anti-social process leading to intolerance.

2-Last unfortunate events related to the Ethics decrease inspired from the Prague process in Europe and in the European Union

Prague Process considers unacceptably that communism is equivalent to Nazism. As a consequence it obfuscates the vision of these two ideologies and Nazism became for some much more acceptable than communism up to the extent that Nazism is now considered a liberation movement from communism and as such is glorified. The initiators of the Prague process took thus a heavy moral responsibility.

January 2012:

UKRAINIA: In Kiev Odessa and  Lvov demonstrations were held in honor of Stephan Bandera, a member of the National Ukrainian Organization -OUN-and author of massacres of Jewish people during the German occupation.

The Regional Ukrainian Council of Ivano-Frankovsk declared 2012 as year of UPA, the military wing of the OUN.

December 28, 2011:

CROATIA: In Zagreb and Split demonstrations were held in memory  of Ante Pavelic, head  of this State member of the Axis and who exterminated hundreds-of-thousands Serbs, 30 000 Jews and thousands of gypsies.

European Union:

December 27, 2011:

ESTONIA: The Defense Minister of Estonia said he wants to submit a law granting members of the Estonian 20th Waffen-SS division, the title freedom fighters for independence.

LITHUNIA: One should also note the statement of Vygaudas Usackas, former Foreign Minister of Lithuania and current special representative of the European Union to Afghanistan, in the Wall Street Journal that the Nazi occupation from 1941 to 1945 has

represented a few years of respite from the Communism in his country.  During these few years of so called respite almost 97% of the Jewish population was massacred in Lithuania i.e. 220 000 people and for which he seems totally indifferent.

June 2011:
The Lithuanian parliament was holding a conference in honor of the pro-Nazi Lithuanian Activist Front (LAF), which actively participated in the perpetration of the Holocaust.

In 2010, Lithuanaia has legalized the Swastika, the Frenc and European MP's were duly informed but did not react.


1-The  lack of consistency of the European Union involves that the projects of the beautiful conferences  are not implemented and on the ethical ground the rating of the European Union  should be substantially downgraded.

2-The bodies of the European Union are inclined to think that History may be amenable in the frame of  negotiations in commissions in order to please all the parties.

3-The European Union  has created the impressive Charter of Fundamental Rights that it is unfortunately unable to impose and many European citizens do not benefit of it in their everyday life. In addition the European Union has granted to itself  the right to exempt certain countries leaders of excessive economical liberalism in its application (United Kingdom, Poland), of its implementation.

4- The European Union has seen the scandalous Hungarian dictatorship presiding over it for six months and is seeing the increasing glorifications of Nazism and acts of racism and the rise of far right parties.

5-The European Union dominated by the right wing has supported the Prague process in line with its ideology.

It is time for the forces of progress to wake up.

Didier BERTIN -
January 20, 2012