Unveiling of Islamism in Gaza and UN disintegration

Unveiling of Islamism in Gaza and UN disintegration

By Didier Bertin - January 30, 2024

I- The genocidal violence of Hamas with regard to the populations of Israel and Gaza

The first pogrom of the 21st century has finally taken place in the refuge state of the Jewish people: "Israel", which was to protect it from the constant dramas which were imposed on it in Europe from the diaspora. This pogrom has reached "a paroxysm in sadism" on the part of Islamist psychopaths. The kidnappings of civilians have made a long tradition from the “Razzias” by the barbarians on the Mediterranean coasts of Europe which caused the interventions of Spain and France in North Africa. Hamas mainly but also members of the civilian population and UNWRA would have participated in this pogrom and the “Razzia” that accompanied it.

The too late reaction of the Israeli army nevertheless made it possible to realize that Gaza had become a territory entirely devoted to the organization of the crime and had the particularity of having "an immense underground empire to the image of the 'Hell »from which we could organize terror on the surface.

The equivalent of the "Israeli Iron Dome" consisted of "the civilian population of Gaza" exposed directly to the retaliation measures of Israel and protecting from their bodies Hamas hidden in their underground shelter network. This network and weapons stocks were hidden and accumulated in normally untouchable places according to the moral criteria of Western civilization, that is to say private dwellings, mosques, hospitals, schools, and institutions of UN in Gaza with the complicity of hospitals staff and that of the UN. Classic retaliation steps had thus a reduced effect on Hamas' capabilities. Only military penetration on the territory of Gaza was able to really discover the Hamas system and will permit to destroy it.

From a strategic point of view Islamism considers the moral rules of Western civilization as its points of vulnerability in matters of war. Thus, human rights are unintelligible for Islamism. Human rights have been adopted by the UN and its disrespect by many of its members who encourage terrorism should lead to their exclusion. Since this is not the case, we are witnessing the "UN disintegration" which lost its neutrality which should allow it to play the role of referee in international conflicts.

Hamas endangering the civilian population of Gaza when retaliatory steps are taken following the massive sending of rockets on the Israeli civilian population, constitute “clear intention” to endanger the lives of two peoples thus constituting a double genocidal action.

The immense war investments financed with the money caught in the civilian population of Gaza also allowed "intentionally" to maintain misery in Gaza, and consequently tension, aggressiveness and hatred with regard to Israel made responsible for the situation. This organized misery was also able to attract the sympathy of southern countries and Wokism in the Northern countries.

The Hague International Court of Justice should have condemned Hamas for attempted double genocide.

The recent conflicts around the world and the pogrom of October seven therefore devote the end of the Credibility of the UN including its agencies and organizations (UNRWA, UNESCO, UNIFIL), which has become a partisan institution of the countries of the South against the countries of the North. South countries are the vast majority of its members who openly oppose the North countries. By simplification of language, we call Northern countries: the member countries of NATO and its allies, the EU and its future members, which in principle and "except" are attached to human rights, to peace, to tolerance and democracy. In contrast, the Southern counties and their allies, often underdeveloped, are "except exceptions" attached to authoritarianism, bellicism and impose religions or binding ideologies for the freedom of their citizens.

Out of 193 countries, 39 main Northern countries and their allies have almost 52% of world GDP.

The world is in fact represented by these two categories of countries which can sometimes try to dialogue on the basis of different criteria. The Southern countries and their allies play equal to the international scene due to the possession of the atomic weapon by too many of them and which allows them to exercise irresponsible blackmail threatening the existence of the planet. Ecologists are now widely exceeded by this new existential challenge for the planet.

The challenge of Northern countries will be to find a way to disarm bellicist countries or at least intervene before they hold nuclear weapons (Iran's case).

II- Anti-Semitism in the West

Despite their certain noble criteria Western peoples tend to the Middle East to take sides for the allegedly vulnerable peoples in the face of "the alleged disproportionate power attributed to Israel and the Jews" and which constitutes a typically anti-Semitic prejudice. Each event in the Middle East arouses anti-Semitism in developed countries and its roots are religious, economic, simply hateful or imported from abroad.

The West is less and less Christian and more and more secular or even atheist but the teaching of the Church with regard to the betrayal of the Jews with regard to Jesus and their alleged responsibility in his death remains anchored in the Spirits. In addition, this imaginary betrayal would have been remunerated by a ridiculous sum which links the Jews to the thirst of money in the popular tradition. This prejudice persisted despite "Vatican II" is amplified by jealousy with regard to the alleged success of the elite of Judaism, however often the victim of ostracism. The attention paid to the Jewish people by anti -Semites is "objectively" disproportionate "since it represents only 0.5% of the world's population while 99.5% of the world population deserves much more attention. The growing presence of supporters of Islamism in the West makes it possible to falsely transfer the hatred caused by the Middle East conflict and contributes to amplifying anti-Semitism now reinforced by Wokism.

III-The responsibility of Israel

1-Israel has changed on a large number of points and is no longer the social and fraternal refuge of the Jewish people wished by its founders. Under the influence of Likud and in particular under that of Netanyahu, Israel has become the lair of wild and unequal capitalism in contradiction with the refugee desired initially. The lack of interior economic competitiveness makes it the country of expensive prices, of excessive real estate speculation and of constant increase in inequality between rich and poor people.

In 2023 the poverty threshold reached 833 dollars (undervalued according to EU criteria which takes into account 60% of median income instead of 50% in other countries). More than two million people live below this threshold, or 22% of the Israeli population.

The poverty threshold in France is $ 1,262 according to INSEE, while GDP per capita in France and Israel, according to the World Bank, are not very far: 55,493 dollars for France and 49,501 dollars for Israel.

According to these poverty thresholds, median salary in Israel is $ 1,666 against $ 2103 in France. The new emigrants come mainly in Israel to escape worst living conditions in their countries of origin (anti -Semitism, poverty) and/or by religious conviction and more rarely by adhesion to secular Zionism of the past.

Emigration by religious conviction changes the population of Israel and therefore that of Parliament. Governments follow one another quickly because the small extremist parties are essential to form a majority and always demand more power and thus are questioning the democratic spirit of the country. A far too low eligibility threshold allows too many representations of fanatical and religious parties. "The only shield against this deviation from democracy is the Supreme Court which can reject unreasonable laws". Parliament thus tried to neutralize the Supreme Court, but the United States on which Israel is depending on, prevented this attempt in order to save democracy.

Democracy is not only based on universal suffrage but also on a judicial system which guarantees respect for human rights.

The parties of Bezalel Smotrich (Religious Zionist Party) and Itamar Ben Gvir (Otzma Yehudit) in favor of the annexation of the Palestinian territories without negotiation and with which Netanyahu has teamed up to preserve (for personal reasons) his status as first Minister, are an open provocation that causes violent disorders.

2-Netanyahu policy consisted in (i) weakening the Palestinian authority to probably prepare an important annexation of the West Bank and to (ii) strengthen Hamas by facilitating its funding. The Prime Minister allowed Hamas transfer of $ 360 million per year from Qatar against the advice of Israel Security Services (Shin Bet - Source: Raphael Jerusalmy, former member of the Shin Bet, advisor to I24 and interviewed on LCI).

The government thought that the millions of dollars from Qatar stabilize Gaza despite the countless missiles sent from Gaza to southern Israel, which mostly spared the Gush Dan (Tel Aviv) where the country's richest population lives. The military organization was therefore inadequate in the south before October seven 2023.

3- The government refused to take into account before the summer, the precise military information given on the preparation of the operation of October seven and their request for military strengthening in the region was left without follow -up. This irresponsibility was crowned with the authorization given to organize the "Tribe of Nova" festival near the Gaza border. This blindness amplified the consequences of the pogrom of October seven which caused in one day the death of 473 soldiers, police and rescuers and 817 civilians, i.e. 1290 people were killed, and 250 were kidnapped. This serious error has undermined confidence in those who are responsible for the defense of Israel and its population whose reservists form a large part of the armed forces.

The weakness of the protection of southern Israel has persisted for many years and this part of the country had to accommodate the many Gaza missiles and to the regular rhythm of alarms.

All the infrastructure and armament of Hamas must be entirely destroyed in Gaza and the final demilitarization of this territory must be guaranteed either by Israel and/or by a coalition of "safe allied countries" and certainly not by the 'UN which is no longer a neutral institution.

The funds spent in Gaza on war could have been devoted to the well-being of its population, but the well-being is counterproductive for Hamas which uses misery as the engine to main aggressiveness of the population and as a tool of inoculation of its destructive and dehumanizing ideology.

Permanent demilitarization must be provided by Israel or an ally country. One could imagine the installation of an American military base in Gaza in order to consolidate peace throughout the region (near East, Middle East, Russia, Iran) and which would usefully complete the American presence in Turkey which is no longer at all a reliable country. The Palestinians would only manage current affairs with the exception of justice to avoid any revenge policy (e.g. Hamas murdered all the representative of the Palestinian Authority).

The presence of an important US military base would energize the economy of Gaza, thus improving the well-being of the civilian population which is good therapy against intoxication by the ideology of Hamas.

IV- Special case of hostages

The essential objective remains the destruction of Hamas infrastructure and armaments, the final demilitarization of the Gaza Strip and the abolition of Hamas organization so that Gaza is no longer a threat to Israel. The release of the hostages was expected to be achieved at the same time.

In order to save the hostages, it may be necessary to accept the shortest possible break in the fights accompanied by a progressive but quick release of them. Any agreement concluded with Hamas would be worthless for Israel because Hamas is a terrorist organization using an odious blackmail on the life of civilians. The Israeli army must be maintained in Gaza to destroy the structures and weapons of Hamas and ensure that Hamas is no longer present. The security of Israel is a priority over any agreement obtained by blackmail. It would not be possible to accept an evacuation from Gaza without having achieved the initial target because a second operation in Gaza would be difficult, very expensive in human lives and very severely condemned on the international scene.