The Pogrom-Shoah of October 7, 2023 and its consequences

The Pogrom-Shoah of October 7, 2023 and its consequences

Didier BERTIN – October 29, 2023

Benjamin Netanyahu's incessant struggle to personally escape justice and call into question the democratic character of Israel by attempting to weaken the power of the Supreme Court has, in fact, damaged Israel's identity by distancing us from the democratic world whose support is vital to it.

To maintain his government, Netanyahu made an alliance with the most extremist and expansionist parties who engaged in open provocations against the Palestinians.

The dominant emphasis placed on religion in Israel tends to transform this secular state into a theocratic state like the Arab countries. This behavior is all the more irresponsible since Israel is surrounded by countries and terrorist organizations that want to destroy it. Netanyahu thus endangered the Jewish national home of the entire world Jewish community.

Netanyahu has in fact prepared a favorable breeding ground for the "Pogrom" of October 7 as part of the desire for "a second Shoah" from the terrorists and many Muslim countries which finance them. This behavior has its roots in multiple suras of the Koran which mention the extermination of unbelievers underlined on October 28 by Erdogan and the creation of spoils of war: hostages. Progressive ideology has disappeared from Palestinian movements to leave room only for Islam, whose ambition is global. October 7 shed light on the savagery in which Hamas has educated its population, going as far as the worst psychopathic and sadistic behavior.

Rocket fire from Gaza began several years ago, making life impossible for residents of southern Israel, that is to say the less wealthy. As long as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were unaffected it mattered little; after all receiving rockets was probably seen as a sort of compensation payment for low real estate prices in the south.

It is sad that it took the “Pogrom-Shoah” of October 7 to awaken Israel as a united nation. Netanyahu had to cede some of his power to the “progressive military” and we can hope that such a shock will soon put the religious and fanatical parties out of harm’s way in Israel.

Finally, the impossible situation of the inhabitants of southern Israel was finally taken into account since the rockets reached many other cities including Tel Aviv.

What will happen to the Gaza Strip will have to be decided once the Israeli army has destroyed Hamas and all the underground locations that have served as warehouses to torture the south and now the entire country for years. It is then that the general problem in the Middle East can be reconsidered.

Unfortunately, to accomplish this mission, the shelling of the northern Gaza Strip is necessary as well as a ground intervention.

The southern Gaza Strip is a protection zone for the civilian population and includes a humanitarian zone. If Hamas prevents the civilian population from going south this will be added to its multiple crimes.

Negotiating with an organization as evil as Hamas regarding hostages is inherently impossible. We hope that the military intervention will allow their release and perhaps that some members of Hamas or any other member of the population will surrender them to save their lives. Returning the hostages is the only chance for the Palestinians to alleviate their fate and it is time for them to demonstrate their distance from Hamas so as not to be considered collectively as terrorists.

After this war we hope that Israel will understand that extremist parties are an attack on democracy and alienate it from its allies. The Gaza Strip will have to be temporarily maintained under Western control to be able to rehumanize this people because Muslim countries are not in a position to do so.

Western psychiatry can certainly play an important role at least for new generations, as can the reappropriation by the civilian population of funds diverted by Hamas to build its immense war apparatus and enrich its leaders.

To benefit from an independent country, the Palestinians will have to demonstrate their ability to develop a sufficient economy, reduce their demographic growth and abandon warmongering. Israel represented an area of activity providing attractive salaries. We hope they haven't killed Asian workers as competitors. It would be easier to make the Palestinians work, but the insecurity they spread does not allow it.